The most

expensive coffee in the world!

For a surprising proportion of the UK population, instant coffee still ranks as our daily choice when it comes to a caffeine fix. Though there are very cheap options available, a quick online search revealed the price of a jar of Nescafe Gold Blend at £7.49 for 300g. I make that about 5p per portion, based upon a 1.8g portion (think cup of coffee, not mug).

A step up from here would be a bag of ground coffee purchased from a supermarket. A 250g bag of a well- known brand such as Lavazza comes in at £4.10. You generally need more than the 1.8g of coffee outlined above and the industry standard would be 7g or 12p per portion. So, more than twice the price for this cup of coffee.

Compare that to our espresso blend, which based on the 7g portion above would result in a cup price of 21p or even our current Kenyan offering, Mutungati, which would be 28p per cup. Ultimately, these figures exemplify the difference between speciality coffee and the rest of the coffee produced in the world. While our Kenyan is five times as expensive as the aforementioned instant coffee, at just 28p per cup, it still represents amazing value for money. It also tastes delicious, which isn’t something I would be inclined to say for some other coffees.

Even this pales into insignificance, when compared to a coffee purchased in August this year. A coffee variety called Geisha has been consistently breaking price records over the past few years and those grown in Panama are particularly favoured. The growing conditions in Panama perfectly suit the Geisha variety, resulting in a unique flavour profile dominated by floral tones. This coffee is both interesting and different! Some coffees are sold at auction and it is these locations that prices rocket, as buyers compete with each other to purchase particular coffees.

Back in August, a coffee expert from Australia, Jason Kew, purchased 100lbs (around 45kg) of a coffee called Esmeralda Geisha Canas Verdes Natural at a price of £371 per pound. This comes in at a staggering £37,000 for the 100lb lot! Given that we lose around 14% of the coffee during the roasting process, this would produce around 38kg of coffee. Just to break even, this coffee would need to be sold at around £250 for a 250g bag of coffee, or £1.00 for every gram!

If you decided to buy this coffee for use at home in a brief moment of retail madness, each cup would cost you £7.00, making it 25-times more expensive than our Kenyan Mutungati. I’m sure it was an enjoyable coffee to experience but I’m not sure it could be 25-times nicer!

This coffee is available to buy from our website

017687 76979 • www.carvetiicoffee


A team of brave fundraisers recently tackled Scafell Pike, Helvellyn and Skiddaw, on the first annual Team Evie Lakeland 3 Peaks Challenge. With a very early start, getting to Scafell Pike at 6.00am the challenge consisted of 30km walking and 3000m of ascent, finishing at the bottom of Skiddaw at 9.00pm. The team, took on the challenge with smiles on their faces, supporting each other all the way and it was a fantastic event, which will be held each year.

The event was organised by Team Evie, a local charity who help sick children and their

families. The charity supports the Children’s Wards at West Cumberland Hospital and Carlisle Infirmary, as well as the work of the Community Nursing Team in West Cumbria. The 3 Peaks Challenge has already raised over £10,000 to help local families, with lots of money still to be collected!

Places for the Lakeland 3 Peaks Challenge 2018 are now open! If you would like to sign up to take part, to help raise money and support their

sick families Greg Johnston

21 SEPTEMBER 2017 ISSUE 418 PAGE 49 in our area,

children and visit

Dine With Us Enjoy a delicious afternoon tea with a

glass of Prosecco from 2.30pm-5pm

£21pp OR 3 course meal with a

½ bottle of wine in our elegant restaurant from 6.30pm-9.15pm


Take a scenic drive along Derwentwater, and enjoy one of our delicious dining offers. Available throughout September

To book call 017687 77224 THE BORROWDALE HOTEL Borrowdale, Keswick, Cumbria, CA12 5UY


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