St. Joseph’s School OPEN DAY

Nick and Caroline Cowan from Eaglesfield have been frequent visitors to Nepal and worked in the hill town of Arughat in 2013, Nick in the local hospital and Caroline teaching English in nearby primary schools. Sadly, in 2015 the area was devastated by an enormous earthquake whose epicentre was only a few miles from Arughat. Most of the houses, all of the schools and the hospital were destroyed.

Nick and Caroline set up the Arughat Support Fund (ASF) charity soon after the earthquake which is trying to help with the medical and educational problems left by the earthquake. While the Nepali government has promised financial support for homes, schools and hospitals in the area, two years on and none has yet arrived. The ASF provided emergency food relief soon after the earthquake. It has provided replacement dental equipment and an ultrasound scanner for the hospital. Last October, Nick and Caroline were delighted to be at the opening ceremony of the new primary school that the ASF had funded.

As the needs continue, the ASF is now helping fund the rebuild of the secondary school at Danda Gaun which accepts the pupils from surrounding


primaries, including the one Caroline worked in and which the ASF rebuilt. We hope that

the building will begin soon after the monsoon season ends.

The secondary school has around 400 teenage students. Like the community around it, the school has no running water. The school does not have toilet facilities and when Nick asked one of the ex-students where they went to the toilet, he was told that ‘They make toilet in jungle.’ That’s 400 teenagers.

In a country where there is high childhood death rate, most of these deaths are caused by water-borne disease, the need for a clean water supply and sanitation are of great importance.

At the moment Bassenthwaite Rotary Club, with ASF support is looking into the feasibility of installing a piped, clean water supply to the school and village.

In October, an Eaglesfield contingent of Nick, Barry Johnson and Jeff Haslam with John Bulman from Cockermouth are travelling to Nepal. They are going to spend a few days in and around Arughat on a fact finding mission for the ASF, visiting the hospital and the site of the destroyed secondary school. They will also be able to inspect the water source and course of the pipe required for the Danda Gaun water project. They are then going to set off on the 15-day trek over the 5213m Larkya La Pass and around the Manasalu mountain range north of Arughat.

The ASF continues to raise funds for its projects.

Visit for more details about the ASF.

The ASF is organising a fun Fashion Show on Wednesday 27th September in Braithwaite Village Hall at 7.00pm. A large selection of autumn and winter clothes from Alexandra’s of Keswick will be on show.

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Friday 6th October, 9.15am-10.45am During our Parent & Toddler Sessions - Free this month

There’s an opportunity to talk to staff at

Mountain View Childcare about provision for pre-school children on site at St. Joseph’s and St. Joseph’s staff about educational provision for your child

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