Algaewarning to pet owners

WARNINGS have been going up after concerns about contaminated water in the Malling area. Signs have been posted at Ley- bourne Lakes, warning the public and dog owners in particular, of the dangers associated with the “blue- green algae”, or cyanobacteria, that appears on calmwater at this time of year.

Other reports have also included

the lake at Mote Park in Maidstone. Experts say recent warm weather

has prompted the bacterial blooms, which proliferate in hot weather, particularly in late summer and early autumn. If ingested, they can cause severe stomach upset, which can be fatal in dogs. Verity Johnson, practice manager

at Sandhole Vets in Malling Road, Snodland, was walking her dog around Leybourne Lakes on Friday when she spotted the potentially deadly slime on the water, prompt- ing awarning to be published on the practicewebsite. A colleague said: “Unfortunately,

not everyone is aware of the life- threatening consequences this bacte-

ria has for dogs, and what makes it worse is the speed with which it causes harm.” Three dogs died less than an hour

after drinking contaminatedwater at lakes in Dartford last summer. Shewelcomed the posting of signs around Leybourne Lakes and con- firmed no cases had been referred to the surgery so far. Not all blue-green algae contains

cyanobacteria, but vets advise against allowing dogs inany body of water containing algal bloom, in case it is the toxic type, which attacks the kidneys or the liver. Symptoms include vomiting and diarrhoea, leading to death within 30 minutes to 24 hours. If you suspect your dog may have

been poisoned by cyanobacteria, time is of the essence. Treatment will depend on how

advanced the poisoning symptoms are. If your pet is severely ill, eu- thanasia may be the only option. If treatment is received soon enough, intensive treatment may save your dog, but recoverymay takeweeks or months and leave liver damage.

Artist guided by map of rocks

SOUTH African artist Jeannette Unite, who collects rocks from mines and geological sites worldwide to make her own paints, is showing some of her work in the Control Tower at Kings Hill. Jeanette (pictured) was guided by the 200-year old geo-map drawn

up by the father of British geology William “Strata” Smith. The paint used

to create the bar- code-like painting series wasmade from soil collected from rock and minerals at quarries in England and Wales, including chalk from Dover. The exhibition

is open to the public between 9am and 5.30pm on Monday to Friday and will run until September 26. Details of each artist together with an example of their work is listed at

Pizza plan for former bank

A PLAN to convert the former NatWest bank in Snodland High Street into a Domino’s Pizza outlet has been submitted to Tonbridge and Malling Council. The bankwas closed in January 2015, and sold at auction for £360,000

a year later. It was bought by Niraz Madlani, of Orpington, co-owner of Bar 6 in Middle Row, Maidstone, who already has nine Domino’s franchises including one at Kings Hill. Neighbours have raised concerns about parking and a potential in- crease in anti-social behaviour.

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