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OBE Cllr Grimme congratulated Cllr Westwood on behalf of the council on her receipt of an OBE announced in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List. Hawthorn bush It was agreed that the work needed to be carried out by a tree surgeon. Cllr Steward offered to obtain quotes from local businesses with a view to having the work carried out before the Heritage Day. Street light replacement The clerk had met with Richard Emme from KCC to look at all the street lights.A survey needed to be carried out and a quote detailing options would be sent. The light at Parsons Corner was not working and needed to be replaced.A quote had been requested from TMBC. As it was likely to be cheaper to replace it as part of the LED replacement project, it was decided to wait until the KCC quote had been received. Drug debris Youths had been spoed by the stream in the field behind the church where drug debris had been found. More youths had been in Birling Park being noisy and leaving lier. She had reported it to the Landscape PCSO and next time would report to 101.


Council vacancy As no election had been called, the parish council could co-opt a new member. Anyone interested in standing was asked to contact the clerk.

AGARDEN shed in Sandy Lane, Offham, was broken into and a ride-on mower, Apache mower and other itemswere stolen. Windows of the housewere smashed but it appears that itwas not entered. Paint stripperwas poured over a VWGolf parked in Lambe Close, Snodland. ACitroen Berlingo van parked on a

driveway in Hallsfield Road, Aylesford, was broken into. Nothing appeared to have been stolen. Ashed in DownderryWay, Ditton,was broken into and a lawnmower and saw were stolen. In Trinity Court, Aylesford, keys to the

front door of a flatwere stolen while the residentwas in the garden. Ahousewas broken into in Sandy Lane, Offham, but nothing appeared to have been taken. Two youthswere seen pulling down bits

of fencing and trees in Malling Road, Snodland, and setting fire to them. They ran off when they noticed they had been seen. In Poynder Drive, Holborough, a parked

vehiclewas damaged and paintwork chipped by stones being thrown at it. This was a repeat crime. Someone tried to break into a flat in Elm Crescent, East Malling, through the front door. The intruderwas disturbed by the resident before they gained access. In Lysander Road, Mereworth, a shed

was broken into. Two men and a woman were seen in the shed and fled when challenged by a neighbour. AChevroletAveo in Catts Alley, Snodland,was damaged around the rear panel and lights. Awindowwas smashed in a Peugeot van parked in a car park in Belgrave Street, Eccles. Nothing appeared to have been

34 Malling September 2017

Beech treesA resident raised concerns about the height of the beech trees on the border of the recreation ground and Butchers Lane and the hedge on the border of the recreation area. These were blocking the light across Butchers Lane and into her garden. Cllr Jon Regan would look at the trees and, if necessary, the parish council would consider cuing them back in the autumn. The resident also referred to trees on private land and was advised to write to the landowner to ask that these be cut back. Police report A shed on the allotments had been burgled and a tractor had been stolen.

Defibrillator The defibrillator at The Pavilion was showing low baery status and a new baery pack was required. This was likely to cost over £100 as both baery pack and pads must be changed at the same time. War Memorial TheWar Memorials Trust had now responded to advise that they recommend using water and a natural bristle brush with no chemicals except PH neutral detergent. They also recommended steam cleaning. The clerk had contacted Kentish Stone who were prepared to do a test area with the help of Dennis Styles, to see if the first option would be suitable. Mr Styles had also suggested a pent roof over the memorial to protect it from the tree, but this idea was not supported. Allotments There was some discussion on the idea of having an allotment of the year competition or a prize for the most

improved allotment. There had been several changes of tenants. All allotments were now taken and there were two people on the waiting list. Cllr Regan arranged to meet with Kent Stone to discuss fencing requirements. There was concern from tenants about a plan to take plot deposits. It was agreed to give six months’ notice of rent increases. Play area It was reported that the play area was in need of cleaning. The clerk would ask Kentish Stone to undertake this. Some rubbish which might have been from the allotments had been left near the gate. The clerk would ask Kentish Stone to remove this. PCC liaison It was reported that the mowing of the churchyard was poor. The church roof repairs had been completed with £30,000 raised from charities. The roof of the shed used to store equipment for the cream teas had been blown off, but would have to be replaced by PCC members as it had not been properly installed in the first place. Members of the parish council offered to help. Beech Road Leers had been sent to landowners and the hedges had now been cut back. Vegetation around road signs had also been cut back and roundels on road signs had been refreshed. The damaged nameplate would be replaced by Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council in the next tranche of orders.

NeighbourhoodWatch Working to reduce crime. Call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or local police

taken. AVWGolf parked in a car park at Booth

Close, Snodland,was interfered with but not damaged. The intruderswere disturbed by the owner and drove off in a Ford Fiesta. Recently delivered milkwas stolen from

the front of three houses in Comp Lane, Offham. Fence panels and a security lightwere

stolen from a garden in London Road,West Malling. AFord Thunderbird parked in a restaurant car park in the High Street, Aylesford,was keyed. In Roughetts Road, Ryarsh, a John Deere

tractor parked in the roadwas stolen but has been recovered. The side gatewas broken open at a house

in Mill Street, East Malling, but no entry was gained to the property. It is believed the offenders may have been disturbed. AFord Focus parked in High Street, Snodland,was broken into and CDswere stolen. Alead sheetwas pulled off the roof of a

house in WorcesterAvenue, Kings Hill, but not stolen. Agarden chairwas stolen from a garden

in SherwoodAvenue, Larkfield. AFord Ka parked inWillowside, Snodland,was damaged, denting the driver’s door. APeugeot Partner parked in JennerWay,

Eccles, had a window broken and tools stolen. Two goldwatcheswere stolen when a

house in PilgrimsWay, Trottiscliffe,was broken into.

In Norman Road,West Malling, someone smashed a glass panel in the door of a house. APeugeot vanwas broken into in ChapmanWay, East Malling.AStihl hedge trimmer, leaf blowers, Stihl chainsaw and a strimmerwere stolen. ANissan Navara parked on a driveway in

Keats Road, Larkfield, had its back window smashed. Awing mirror of aBMWparked in Holborough Road, Snodland,was ripped off. Ahouse in Frog Lane,West Malling,was broken into and a purse, driving licence and bank cardswere stolen. Ahousewas broken into in Bridgewater

Place, Leybourne. In Alma Road, Eccles, therewas an attempt to break into a parked car. No damagewas done. An unlocked blue BMX bicyclewas stolen

from a garden in Whimbrel Green, Larkfield. Someone put glue on a door lock at a house in Booth Close, Snodland.


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