GCSE results | News Wait is over for GCSE pupils

YEAR 11 students are in high spirits, with the longwait for their GCSE results now over. At SuttonValence School, pupils

achieved their “best ever GCSE re- sults”, according to staff. It comes at a time when compari-

son with previous years has been made harder by the introduction of a numerical rating for English and maths, with nine the highest grade and four and above a pass. However, the school says it expe- rienced a 70% increase in the top A* grades, with 45% of all results at A*- A and 77% at A*-B proving the best in five years. Aspokesman said the high results reflected the current success enjoyed at the school, which was recently placed in the top 2% in the country for value. Twenty per cent of pupils

achieved four or more A* grades, with high achievers including Ellen Crombie (11 A*s); AlexWebb (nine A*s); Olivia Smith and Tiggy Teare (seven A*s each). Music continues to be one of the school’s strengths, with 75% of pupils achieving a top A* grade. Overall, the results were good across all subjects and in many, in- cluding biology, chemistry, English and physics, more than 60% of stu- dents were awarded A*/A, setting new records across the school. Head Bruce Grindlay said: “This

year’s GCSE pupils should be ex- tremely proud of what they have achieved. Their dedication, and that of the teaching staff has paid off, and theirGCSEresults bodewell for their future as they take the next step in their education.” At Invicta Grammar School, 63%

of gradeswere at A*/A, with a mas- sive 700+A*/A grades handed to the girls. More than half of the reformed GCSE gradeswere at 7, 8 or 9; a su- perb achievement, despite the high volatility this year. Head Julie Derrick said: “We are exceptionally proud of the dedica- tion and commitment of students and staff, at a time of huge changes in education.” The percentage of students who earned eightA/A*s also increased to 45%.

High achievers included Maddie

Brant (eight A*s and 26 out of 27 possible points for English and maths); Meesa Rai (sevenA*s and 26 points); Rebecca Lawrence (eight A*s and 25 points); Charley Cawe (seven A*s and 25 points); twins Caitlin and Bryony Boeshart- Thomas (16AandA*s together with 7s and 8s in English and maths). Results from Cornwallis Acad-

emy reported an increase in the number of subjects in which stu- dents obtained A*-C grades. A 90% pass rate or more was

achieved in triple science, sport and the performing arts and 100% in Mandarin and DT food technology.

Invicta head Julie Derrick (front centre) with successful GCSE students, and left, Akilah Evans of Holmesdale Technology College

High-achievers included Ella Standen, from Headcorn, (eight A/A*s and a B); Robert Hammond (10 A/A*s and a B); and his twin David, from Staplehurst, (sixAs and five Bs); Charlie Haffenden, from Linton, (threeA*/A and six Bs); Bon- nie Lamb, from Bearsted, (six A*/A, three Bs and a C); Kieran Horrocks, from Tovil, (seven A*/A and four Bs); Mason Humphris-Day, from Loose, (four A*/A, five Bs and a C) Robert and David, from Staple-

hurst, were thrilled with their re- sults and plan to stay on to the sixth form at Cornwallis. Head Isabelle Linney-Drouet said:

“Parents and staff can be rightly proud.”

Maplesden Noakes’ head Richard Owen was “extremely proud” of the school’s “outstanding results”. He said: “We achieved the gold standard of last year, even though the English and maths exams are more rigorous. So, congratulations to all our students.” Sixty-three per cent of students

achieved a grade 4 (the equivalent of a C) or above in English (75%) and maths (68%) and those earning five or more A*-C was higher than be- fore at 62%. High achievers included Cameron

Clay (grade 9 English language and literature); Subin Gurung (grade 8 in maths and five As); Elle Divine (grade 9 English literature andAs in history and business studies); Amelia Cates (one A*, five As, grade 7 maths and grades 5 and 6); Charley Banfield (one A*, three As, grade 8, 7 and 5, and three Bs); Adam Bond achieved an A*, three As, a grade 8, 7 and 6 and three Bs). Mr Owen said: “Thank you to all

our students, staff and parents for their hard work and support.” At Maidstone Grammar School

for Girls, 38% of all students achieved eight or more A/A* (in- cluding grades 7 to 9). Special mention goes to Victoria

W,whoachieved three grade 9s and 9A*s; LydiaW, who received three grade 9s, 8A*s and an A; Abbie G, who received nine A*s, two 9s and one 8.

Head Deborah Stanley said: “I’d

like to congratulate all the students on this excellent set of results, espe- cially in English and mathematics. “These results reflect the huge amount of work completed by our students, together with the support and encouragement of the teaching and support staff.” New Line Learning Academy head teacher Paul Murphy was de-

lighted with the Loose school’s re- sults, which saw 51% of the 112 stu- dents achieve a grade 4-9 (A*-C) in English, with 48% gaining similar grades in maths.He said: “Our stu- dents can be justly proud of their re- sults which highlight the hard work and determination that they have expressed throughout the year.” Top achievers included Emily

Kiely (grade 7 in English language and literature, grade 6 in maths, three Bs and two distinctions*, a distinction, and an AS in creative writing; Bronte Mitchell (a 5 in Eng- lish language and an 8 in English lit- erature, a 7 in maths, two A*, two As, and a distinction*, and Joe Thompson (a 4 in English language, 5 in English literature, 5 in Maths and anAin catering). At Holmesdale Technology Col-

lege, Snodland, staff and students were delighted with huge improve- ments in the school’s GCSE results. English and Mathswere both sig- nificantly improved resulting in nearly a fifth of students achieving the A*-C grades than in previous years.

Headteacher Tina Bissett said:

“Most importantly this set of results gives many more Holmesdale stu- dents the opportunity to study their course of choice next year.”

Malling September 2017 29

GCSE students from Maplesden Noakes celebrate their results and right, Emily Kiely from New Line Learning with her certificate

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