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September 2017

Pupils’ model train damaged at station

INVESTIGATIONS are continuing after a model train, built by students from Malling,was damaged. CCTVimages are to be monitored

in an effort to find out how the “Snodland Express” came to be damaged days after the station’s 160th birthday celebrations. Tina Bissett, head teacher at Holmesdale School, said:“Howdis- appointing it is that the hard work and effort of students has been dis- regarded by a few thoughtless indi- viduals.” The station improvements have

been carried out to cater for the growing number of passengers using the new high speed service and includes the re-opening of its ticket office, an unprecedentedmove after years of cuts and closures. The work has been co-ordinated

by Kent Community Rail Partner- ship (KCRP) and Southeastern, with buy-in and community involvement from government through to parish councils. Sarah Deakin, community en- gagement officer for KCRP, said: “This has been a detailed and sensi- tive refurbishment of a listed build- ing, making it a great place to visit, even if you are not catching a train.” She saw the model, based on the

train from Hogwarts, during a visit to Holmesdale School, where the station’s mosaicwas created. She said: “Itwas such a beautifully crafted model, made for Snodland Carnival. Itwas never meant to be a permanent exhibition, but if it be- came damaged due to vandalism, that is deeply disappointing.”

Holmesdale head teacher Tina Bissett with students at the unveiling of the artwork and right, the Snodland Express at Snodland

station, before the damage

One other theory is that the train

may have been damaged by high winds. In spite of the damage, Snod- land’s newly-refurbished station is in line to win a top award. The building has been shortlisted

for a National Community Rail Award for most enhanced station buildings and surroundings. The £1.1 million makeover has

turned the station, which dates from 1856, into a modern transport inter- change, with reinstated period fea- tures, a disabled toilet and an extended car park. The project was nominated by

Kent Community RailPartnership in conjunction with Southeastern. Winners will be announced at a gala dinner in Derby next month.

Exam success STUDENTS from across Malling

01622 690290 YOUR LOCAL PROPERTY EXPERT 23 Pudding Lane • Maidstone • Kent

and Maidstone have been celebrat- ing results in this year’s A level and GCSE exams. Head teachers re- ported record-breaking results after- changes made courses more demanding. 28-29

Home Alarms supplied and fitted visit or call 08000 199622 Inside this edition:

VOLUNTEERS are needed to transform roadside verges and spare patches of land into wild- flower meadows. The four-page supplement inside by Malling Ac- tion Partnership supports people and events in Malling.

FREE No. 245

News M20 roadworks

Plans for a two-year smart motorway project unveiled.4

Village walk of fame

A trail of blue plaques has been made to mark heritage sites in Wateringbury.

Knifepoint ordeal

Teenagers were robbed by two men at a skate park in Larkfield.

Bomb alert

Disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on a WWI shell at Kings Hill.

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Parish Councils 34 Crime Reports 34

PAINT stripper was poured over a VW Golf in Snodland; a shed was broken into in Mereworth and three people fled when challenged by a neighbour; keys to a flat in Aylesford were stolen.

Comment 42-43

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