Bardot tops and asymmetric hems

such a strong animal rights activist and has spoken out about female rights, global warming, gun control and other relevant important political issues. She is now in her eighties and has always used her fame as a political force.



I hope you have had a great summer. As I write this article, I am about to jet off to Cyprus to have a relaxing break with my husband Rob and it is something we have been looking forward to for months. In the run-up to our holiday, I have started to become aware of all the preparation that goes in to a holiday before you even hit the beach or the pool.

Like most women, I start to concern myself in advance about how I am going to look lying on a beach and therefore start the annual weight loss plan. Over the past four weeks, I have eaten more healthily and have lost 9lb, so I will look better in my bikini!

I had beauty appointments to ensure that I will look my best. My fingernails are beautifully manicured, my toenails look pretty and look great in my sandals and my eyebrows are perfectly shaped! I need to say a huge thank you to Sue and Jessica at Olive Tree Beauty for their help in transforming me.

Many millennials may not know or remember the ’50s and ’60s French actress and sex symbol Brigitte Bardot. She is the one that all the off-the- shoulder

tops were named after.

Although they were originally designed and intended for knitwear, which is why it is so hard to keep them on if they have no stretch. She was often referred to as B.B. she was so famous and was even mentioned in a Bob Dylan song, what a legacy. She was partly responsible for popularising the bikini, due to her role in a ’50s film ‘Manina’.

I am amazed that her influence has been everywhere and got to thinking of how many other ways her look has become popular. She had a wonderful relaxed and messy ‘Beehive’ hairdo, which was blonde and similar to that of singer, Dusty Springfield the gay icon. Amy Winehouse obviously used these stars as inspiration. Although Bardot was originally a brunette, she became a blond bombshell with this distinctive, backcombed hairstyle, heavy lashes and very pale pouty lips. For her second wedding, she wore a lace trimmed pale pink gingham shirtdress, another popular fabric at present.

Most importantly, I wonder whether so many of her influences are prevalent among the young because she is still


I started to take better care of my skin so that I can achieve the perfect tan. For me, this is likely to be more of a slightly pink glow with the usual covering of heat rash. Not to be put off though, I have used body scrub and moisturised my skin to give it the best chance to get some colour.

I’ve washed and ironed all the beautiful clothes that only tend to come out of the wardrobe for the annual trip abroad.

I’ve created a reading list on my Kindle and I am looking forward to finally getting some time to relax and read the books I have been saving for our trip.

The thing that has struck me most during these preparations, is that I have fallen into the trap of ‘saving things for best’ or thinking that I only need to focus on my wellbeing in the run-up to going away.

For example:

It’s strange how this ’60s revival has crossed over with the ’80s, as wrap around and asymmetric midi skirts seem to be the most popular way to treat the bottom half these days. They come in a variety of shapes, long and short, wraps and points, just the way to move from summer to winter, which generally gets cooler. Do we really need to change clothes much for summer, as we continue with similar weather and rarely have high temperatures? I do love wrap around and asymmetric slit skirts for tango dancing but in winter they only work with short jackets or very long coats. So, when planning your capsule wardrobe check that they function for you. They are a fun way of showing a bit of skin in summer, so enjoy while you still can.

Maggi Toner-Edgar

• I am the wrong side of ‘cuddly’ right now and I need to lose some weight regardless of my holiday. Eating healthily and maintaining a decent weight should be my priority all the time.

• I love it when my nails look tidy and manicured and it is so relaxing to have the pampering. I should make more time for this.

• As I am not getting any younger, my skin needs more attention and not just in the two weeks before I go away.

• It is pointless having clothes that I only use for 14 days of the year, so when I get back I am going to ensure they don’t get packed away again.

• As for reading, I know I can make time to read the books I want to. I just need to make it more of a priority. Life is too short to wait to read a good book!

The conclusion I have drawn, is that I can choose to be pampered and take better care of myself in any moment, I don’t need an excuse to do it and I will look and feel better for it. If I take better care of myself all the time, I probably wouldn’t need a holiday quite so much!

Ask yourself this, are you taking the best care of yourself all year round, or are you like me and make it an annual focus when you go on holiday? Perhaps it’s time to put ‘you’ first.

Joanna Petrie-Rout, Transformation Coach

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