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I would like to thank the residents of Cockermouth and District for their generous response to Christian Aid’s house- to-house collection in May raising £8,700. Gift Aid commitments brought the total to £9,560. Around £11 million is collected nationally. This makes an important contribution to tackling the root causes of poverty in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.

Thank you! Martyn Evans, Local Organiser, Christian Aid

Walter Forsyth

People of Cockermouth, are you aware that Walter and his barrow are absent from our streets?

Yes, it is very sad news that he will no longer be a familiar face going about doing his regular duties. We did not get to say goodbye and to thank him and wish him well in his new job.

I know many of us in Cockermouth would like him to know how much we appreciated his presence in this town. He worked so hard keeping our streets and Greenway clean and tidy.

His work ethic was of the highest standard over many years. He was a Gem in our Gem town and will be greatly missed.

P.S. Hopefully he might receive many more good luck messages through Facebook!

Name withheld

A66 – a Tale of Woe! If you travel down the A66 passed Bassenthwaite Lake, you could be excused for wondering if the road from the Lambfoot junction to Braithwaite has ever been without roadworks. Can you remember the last time you travelled this road with both sides of the dual carriageway open and clear of cones?

To get some facts, I contacted Highways England and asked a few questions under the FoI Act. Some of the answers that they gave were quite shocking. Since mid 2013 to the present date (4 years) there have been 49 separate occasions when the road was either restricted with traffic lights/cones or closed altogether – that’s one occasion every month! It got worse when I looked deeper. The total number of days over this period when traffic flow was disrupted (usually halted!) totalled over 1700 days. Those who are quick with the mental maths will see that this is more than 4 years – and that’s because on many occasions, there was more than a single set of roadworks on any one day. Incredibly, one period of disruption lasted 283 days and several were between 150 and 200 days.

I was also puzzled about the locations where the road has been raised up by up to 1.3 metres (4 feet). Highways England told me that this value was determined by taking the recorded lake level at high flood plus an allowance for waves. Sorry, but I can’t remember the A66 being under 4 feet of water where the road has been raised – even during Storm Desmond!

Finally, there is always the subject of cost. In the 4 years this 7-mile stretch of road has cost us all £13.5 million. Please excuse me as I’ll need to rest in a dark room for a while to reduce my blood pressure!



The winter 2017-18 brochure for Higham brings you a wealth of learning Opportunities, to help you through the inevitable upcoming shorter days and cooler weather.

Having the ‘pleasurable’ to focus on is important in life. Which is why Higham continues to draw the best tutors we can find to put together experiences that give you a great reason to pop to Higham for a feed, a bit of like- mindedness and a slice of learning.

We are pleased to introduce new Tutors with specialisms in American Studies, Bridge, Silk Painting, Shakespeare,

Stick Making,

Literature, Art, Reiki, Theology and even a ‘non-religious Retreat’! This is alongside fresh courses from some of our popular tutors across the Arts, Sciences and Humanities.

So, you can see we never stand still in our quest to continue to be one of the leading

adult residential colleges in the country... and we’re on your doorstep! What’s more, Higham has now survived a decade of independence… and we continue to be a prime example of how genuine, sincere and high quality Lifelong Learning can be made a self-sustaining reality.

If you would like a brochure you may pop up, or we are more than happy on request to post you one!

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