Everything’s getting ‘smart’ isn’t it? From cars to teenagers to televisions, it’s all ‘smart’. Unfortunately, the sales people are often slick but not as smart as they first appear. So here’s some advice on buying a SMART TV from a bloke with a few grey hairs…

• Measure the space where the TV is going to go. It may sound like stating the obvious but you’d be amazed how many people buy the wrong size TV.

• How will you mount the TV? On top of a unit, on the wall, on a flexi wall mount?

• Consider the TV screen position and potential reflections and glare… very annoying!

• Should you have built in Freeview? The simple answer is yes - a Smart TV without it, really isn’t very smart at all.

• What make should you go for? Well, what other devices do you have, I’m thinking DVD player or HD Recorder. Often the TV and other devices can share a single remote. HOWEVER, consider this: ITV Player and 4oD ARE NOT available on Sony Bravia TVs and apparently there is no plan for them to get either of these On Demand services.

• LCD or LED? LCDs are brighter but tend to have a more limited viewing angle. Some prefer LEDs for colour depth but frankly I don’t think they’re worth the cash.

• How many and what connections should it have? HDMIs, USB ports and multimedia support. Try for three HDMI’s and preferably HDMIv2. USB ports are useful for things like looking at Angie and Colin’s holiday photos and some recorders/hard drives are attached via USB.

• Most TVs now have built-in Wi-fi and Ethernet ports, so that you can connect them to the internet. If you want to use the internet, do consider how far your TV is from your router and whether you want to run a cable, or can reach the Wi-fi signal

• Here’s the Big One! 4K, FULL HD or HD Ready? HD Ready means that the television is able to handle a High Definition signal. It produces 720 lines of information across the screen which is not Full HD – that’s 1080i or 1080p. HD Ready does not have a High Definition tuner built in, so the HD services would come from an external source such as Sky, Virgin or a recorder with HD built in. In this day-and-age, 720 lines is not good enough and your TV will date quickly.

Do your research, don’t rush to make a decision and if in doubt get in touch and I’ll give you my honest unbiased opinion. Then I’ll come around and watch my favourite Blu- ray Movie ‘Iron Man’ with you and we can talk the merits of Smart TV and the next thing you’ll want ‘Surround Sound’!

David Jeffries 016973 61066 • Solving People’s Digital Problems


Last month, we explained how West Cumbria Carers are working with local businesses, sharing with them the relevant know-how to support any carers amongst their staff.

This time, the story is in reverse as we wanted to share how local businesses are helping the charity fundraise, so they can support even more West Cumbrian carers.

On Friday 6th October, they will be holding a Silver Ball at Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite to celebrate their 25th Anniversary.

The Box Encapsulation Plant Delivery Team (BEPDT) are the main sponsors of the event. Chris

Cunningham, Project Director, Box

Encapsulation Plant Delivery Team (BEPDT) explains why they chose to offer their support:

“BEPDT are delighted to be event sponsors for the West Cumbria Carer’s Silver Ball, celebrating 25 years of support for unpaid carers in the area. We feel it’s important for us, as a project, to acknowledge the contribution made by unpaid carers to our community.


“The Silver Ball also gives us a chance, as an employer, to say thank you to the unpaid carers in our workforce, by inviting them to attend as our guests. We’re looking forward to enjoying a wonderful evening.”

West Cumbria Carers would also like to thank the Cumberland Building Society, who are sponsoring the evening entertainment and Fluid Production Ltd. who are providing uplighters to ensure the ‘Silver’ Ball sparkles!

Guests will enjoy an evening of glitz and glamour, whilst also relishing a delicious three-course meal. The evening will be hosted by comedian John Lebbon, with roving entertainment provided by Magician Ryan Roberts. Following dinner there will be the opportunity to dance the night away to music from local band Broken English.

Tickets will cost £35.00 per person, to buy tickets or find out more, contact Michelle McGibbon on 01900 821976.

West Cumbria Carers 01900 821 976

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