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Volume 30 Issue 7 July 2017 FREE

Billy Bob Faulkingham's 51 leading Nick Page's ALL OUT in Diesel Class M(B) at the Boothbay Races on Saturday 17 June.

BOOTHBAY HARBOR/ROCKLAND – Last season was great for lobster boat racing and one wondered how the 2017 season would be. The winter and spring rumours surrounding lobster boat racing were relatively quiet so would there be any new boats or old ones repowered that would shake up any of the racing classes? We heard that in the Gasoline Classes

LITTLE GIRLS would not be out. BLACK DIAMOND was repowering from a 454 to a 502 cid Chevrolet. LYNN MARIE was also being repowered with a 1,000-hp Chevrolet engine. In the Diesel Classes, early on we knew

that some minor changes were going to be made to MOTIVATION and that WILD, WILD WEST was going to be totally rebuilt due to her starting to come apart. STARLIGHT EXPRESS had her Mack removed and replaced with a 1,200-hp MAN.

Now rumours are just that, and until

you can confi rm how true are they? Well, the best way is to see it for yourself and that is usually done at the fi rst race of the year. On Saturday morning sign up started a little slow until about 0930 when there was a rush. We then heard that a boat with a big

exhaust pipe was being launched at the near-by ramp. I was certainly surprised when I learned that this was WILD WILD WEST. Just a week before she was all apart

and Glenn Crawford said that it would be a miracle for them even to be at Bass Harbor. Glenn said of the problems they had to fi x over the winter, “Everything was loose, the rudder box was broke off , plus the hull was cracked. Cameron took the whole boat apart and there was nothing but a hull and top. He extended the engine beds 4 feet, put in a new fl oor, new bulkhead, fi xed the hull and then we put the engine back in.” There was just one entrant in the

fi rst race, Work Boat Class A, Cameron Murphy’s NUGGET. He went back down for the second race, Work Boat Class B. First went to Frank Bennett’s NADEN with a speed of 41.9 mph and second was David Noyes’ ZIPPIN. Also running down with Class B was the only entrant in Work Boat Class C Jim Koehling MALAGO. There were just four boats signed up

for the fi ve races in the Gasoline Classes. Randy Durkee showed up, but not with BLACK DIAMOND. He was having an issue with the engine and decided that it was prudent not to race. There were no entrants in Gasoline Class A; Class C and Class E.

Two boats, Rusty Brewer’s SEA FOAM and Mark Davis’ WHISKEY GIRL were entered in Gasoline Class B and it was WHISKEY GIRL besting SEA FOAM with little trouble. The other two racers LYNN MARIE and THUNDERBOLT were in Class D and should be a good race. As they came up the course it looked as though LYNN MARIE had a slight lead with THUNDERBOLT holding her own. As they neared the line white smoke began pouring out of the shelter of THUNDERBOLT, but she continued on to the fi nish. There was only one entrant in the

Fastest Working Lobster Boat – Boothbay, Nick Page’s ALL OUT. There was one entry in each of the two

Wooden Boat Races, A (Any hp, up to 35 feet 11 inches) and B (Any hp, 36 feet and over). SEA FOAM took Race A and Caleb Knapp’s EVANGELINE won Class B. Next up were the Diesel Classes. There were no entrants in Class A; Class B; Class E; and Class J. Three boats came to the line in Class C and the winner was Winifred Alley’s LAST DESIGN with a speed of 33.6

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mph with second going to Adam Kimball’s MISS ATTITUDE. Also running up with them was Class D as there was just one entrant, Justin Papkee’s PULL N’PRAY. There was just one entrant in Class F, Ed Torosian’s MS. ROSE so he ran down with Class G. The dominate boat in Class G has been Todd Ritchie’s SEACOCK and Zach Donnell's HAPPY HOURS. Dana Beal’s RIGHT STUFF had been the boat to beat in Class D, but over the winter he repowered with a 500-hp Cummins. At the drop of the fl ag, RIGHT STUFF jumped out into the lead and did not look back. There was just one entrant, Travis Otis’ FIRST TEAM in Class H so he ran down with Class I. As they came down the course Patrick Faulkingham’s MARGARET E. worked her way into the lead with Chris Smith’s MISTY second. Two boats, Gary Genthner’s LISA MARIE and ALL OUT, were on the line for Class K. It was not surprising to see LISA MARIE get the win. Now came the big battle of the day, Class L between Ed Shirley’s MISS KARLEE, MOTIVATION and WILD,WILD WEST. When the fl ag dropped the black smoke poured out of the stack of WILD, WILD WEST and she was slow to get going. MOTIVATION jumped into the lead with MISS KARLEE a close second and that is how they fi nished. The only entrant in Class M(A) was Alan Knowlton’s

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