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DIGITAL UPDATE sponsored news Christie Terra adds to its 4K capabilities

Christie has introduced new products to help customers leverage the benefits of the Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SD- VoE) Alliance. This promises a standardised approach to maximize the scale, scope and user-experience of AV-over-IP system architecture and performance. Christie Terra solutions enable the design and integration of SDVoE-compliant systems. Built on standardised SDVoE technology, Christie Terra solutions support video formats up to 4K at 60Hz, transporting and pro- cessing uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artefact-free video over affordable 10G Ethernet components. As part of a Terra solu- tion, the Christie Terra Transmitter processes audiovisual sources and control signals and transports uncompressed, zero-frame latency,

artefact-free content over 10G Ethernet networks.

The Christie Terra Receiver accepts the audiovisual data and control from the 10G Ethernet network and supplies it to displays or other AV devices. The Christie Terra Con- troller provides complete operational con- trol and management for the streamlined installation, configuration, programming and upgrading of Christie Terra systems.

Christie Terra offers: • Zero-frame latency • Uncompressed AV processing • Broad video resolution (up to 4K@60Hz) • Complete AV and control connectivity (support includes video, audio, RS-232, IR control, Gigabit Ethernet and USB)

“The biggest hologram in the world”? Holo-Gauze has been instrumental in

helping Realtime Environmental Systems (RES) and creative director Liam Tomasze- wski to realise superstar DJ Eric Prydz’s holographically-enhanced performance for his EPIC 5.0 show, debuting at London’s Victoria Park in front of an audience of 15,000.

Projected onto a huge, highly transparent and reflective 20 m x 9 m Holo-Gauze screen,

mind-bending animations – including a giant astro- naut – created the “biggest hologram in the world”,

projectors were merged together, beaming a single image of creative director and VJ Liam Tomaszewski’s optical illusions onto the Holo-Gauze screen.

In addition to the Holo-Gauze screen, a

•System scalability (Using off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet components) • 10GbE network

• Intelligent EDID and HDCP management

JULY 2017

Christie Terra solutions support video formats up to 4K at 60Hz, transporting and processing uncompressed, zero-frame latency, arte- fact-free video over affordable 10G Ethernet components.

stage, with a second V-shaped display (the ‘Vanish’) forming an animation-rich cube around Prydz. Pixels on the front display were designed to allow the audience to see Prydz through the animations when he was lit.

Videos of the holographic magic experienced during EPIC 5.0 can be viewed at: https://youtu. be/5uhOsiIe9LY.

according to Prydz. The output from four Panasonic RZ31K 30,000 lumen laser

V-shaped 2304 x 576-pixel LED display was positioned on the back wall of the

impossible possible.”

“I was absolutely delighted when RES again asked us to help with Eric’s latest EPIC show,” says Holo-Gauze inventor and Ho- lotronica owner/CEO Stuart Warren-Hill. “Holo-Gauze is ideal for live events such as this, allowing live performers to be situated behind our near-invisible gauze while visually stunning holograph- ic effects appear to float in front of them. Holo-Gauze makes the seemingly

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