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July 2017

FREE No. 243

News Teenagers robbed

TEENAGERS were threatened and robbed of cash in a car park in Headcorn. 3

Relief road poll bid

A CAMPAIGN for a south Maid- stone relief road may stand candi- dates in next year’s local council elections.


Village ‘can’t cope with more homes’

RESIDENTS inYalding say any plan to build more houses in the area must address traffic issues and the need to extend the village school.

Countryside Developments had

hoped to build 75 houses on land owned by the Rochester Diocese in Vicarage Lane, but locals say with the area at “gridlock” at peak times, Yalding’s single lane bridge, and a school “full to the rafters”, no scheme should be considered. Some have even established the Sensible Development in Yalding group to demonstrate their concerns. Yalding Parish Council chairman Geraldine Brown says the Vicarage Lane school, which has 120 pupils, needs a new entry form to cope, even with the current complement of children. She said: “There isn’t enough room in the hall to get all of the school together for assemblies.” Cllr Brown says suggested £600,000 is needed to build another classroom at St Peter and St Paul CE School, next to the proposed devel- opment site on land also owned by the Rochester Diocese. However, talks to get funding from the Church for the extension to the school,

which is run by Kent County Coun- cil, have so far failed to prompt any commitment. The site earmarked for develop-

ment by Countryside is included in Maidstone Council’s Local Plan. It recommends a maximum of 65 houses. Cllr Brown said: “The parish council has objected to a plan for 75 properties andwe are awaiting a re- vised application. However, the matter of traffic and school places will need to be addressed, or young- sters will not even be able to attend theirownvillage school and will end up having to be taken by car to the next nearest one in Laddingford, which is ludicrous.” A spokesman for Maidstone Bor-

ough Council said Countryside had been advised of amendments re- quired after its original application was submitted in January. She added: “We are awaiting amended plans at the current time.” She said all interested parties

would be invited to put forward their comments. A spokesman for Countryside

said: “We have sought to engage on our proposals from the outset and have discussed matters with both councils. We are reviewing the points raised andwe will provide an update to all parties in due course.” Headded that the planning appli-

cation already includes a traffic im- pact assessment, taking account of 30 homes planned at Blunden Lane. He said: “The assessment, which

has been accepted by Kent County Council Highways, concludes that the combined impact would not cause a significant increase in vehi- cle movements on local roads. “However, we have agreed with

KCC Highways to provide speed cushions on Vicarage Road and a raised table feature at the site access to reduce speeds and improve pedestrian safety, along with a new pavement and crossing between the site access and the existing pave-

ment on the northern side of Vic- arage Road.

01622 690290 YOUR LOCAL PROPERTY EXPERT 23 Pudding Lane • Maidstone • Kent

“Our proposal includes a propor- tionate £210,243 contribution to- wards the expansion of Yalding Primary School and are in the process of arranging a meeting with the school and KCC to discuss this further.”

Home Alarms supplied and fitted visit or call 08000 199622 Text abuse sentence

A MAN who sent abusive texts to a Lib Dem election candidate is jailed. 6

Birthday honours

FIND out who has been given award in Queen’s birth- day honours list.



32 Parish Councils 34-37

THE hedges at the Jubilee Field in in Yalding are to be cut after three years; important trees in Ulcombe are to be mapped; Cllr Eve Poulter recommended Sutton Valence should enter the local council award scheme; NatWest bank drop-in ses- sions at the library in Staplehurst started in June; fingerpost signs in West Farleigh need refurbishing.

Crime Reports 37

ITEMS were removed from a vehicle in Yalding; a mountain bike was stolen from outside a house in Net- tlestead; a cocker spaniel was taken from a house, presumed stolen, in Staplehurst; coils of water piping were stolen from a yard in Boughton Monchelsea.

Comment 46-47

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