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Market traders are known for providing friendly service and a shopping experience that is very different from the High Street, and a city in West Yorkshire has recently launched a campaign to promote the fact. Bradford is blessed with a number of markets including the Oastler Shopping Centre, Kirkgate Market and Keighley Market Hall, as well as outdoor markets in Shipley and Saltaire and a successful wholesale market. Now a new campaign – the

first of its kind within Bradford Council’s markets service – has been launched to inform people of the many benefits of market shopping. The Council has teamed

up with the University of Bradford’s Digital Media Working Academy to launch a campaign which is aimed at raising the profile of the district’s markets, using digital and social media to highlight the advantages and benefits they bring. Having taken inspiration

from the World War Two ‘Dig for Victory’ campaign, market traders have been actively involved in the bid to encourage more people to support the local, friendly and knowledgeable service they offer. The campaign, which is

due to run for a year, was launched on the same day as the national Love Your Local Market fortnight in May. Khansa Tufail, Bradford Council’s markets, promotions and projects officer, told local media: “It is David and Goliath; we want to attract people to

these small businesses, many who have been in Bradford for many years and have such a lot of expertise. “The markets have so

much to offer and are part of Bradford’s heritage.” Making the most of social

media, the campaign uses video footage from the market showing traders talk about their own journey in becoming a market trader, the advantages of shopping at the market and the future of markets in Bradford. Other social platforms will

also be used to link back to a main Facebook page. Traders are backing the

initiative, hoping that it will increase awareness of the markets and result in an increase in footfall and trade. Butcher John Smith, who

has a business in the Oastler Centre, told local media: “This is still a thriving market but we have struggled, especially since Morrison’s closed. We cannot manage without the public. “I myself have been here for

55 years. I hope the campaign will help bring more people to the market. As soon as you walk into the market, you save money.” The Second World War

poster theme is being used as a template, with images of real traders in the Oastler Centre superimposed on top to deliver key messages such as: ‘Your Markets Need You’, ‘We Can Do It’, ‘Deserve Local Food’ and ‘Shop for Victory.’ The second phase of

the promotion will focus on Instagram, using local photographers, while phase

Bradford’s Oastler Shopping Centre.

three, due to take place in autumn, will see the launch of Market TV on Youtube.

Reaching out

“The markets are reaching out to the public for support,” explained Khansa Tufail, “highlighting the importance of shopping locally for the welfare of their community, their local economy, employment and entrepreneurship. “Facebook has shifted from teenagers to parents and more mature adults, and we want to alert them.” The campaign is focusing

on what market shopping really stands for: local, friendly service, spending money that will benefit the local economy, and a departure

from “barcodes, packaging and faceless shopping experiences”. Chris Holmes, of Stickey’s

Honey, said: “I don’t want to take my products to London necessarily, it’s important for me. I’m a beekeeper in Yorkshire and I’m quite happy to sell all my honey in Yorkshire. There are five million customers within 40 miles of here.” Head of the Digital Media Working Academy, Simon Couth, told local media: “The Working Academy provides a unique opportunity for undergraduates and recent graduates to gain experience of working on a properly commissioned digital project. “We love what the Bradford

Borough Market attack

At around 10pm on Saturday June 3 a terrorist attack took place on London Bridge and at nearby Borough Market. A van drove into pedestrians

on the bridge before three men got out and began attacking people at random with knives.

ISSN 2057–6781 The three men, wearing

what transpired to be fake suicide vests, then ran down to Borough Market, entering the many pubs and restaurants in the area to stab as many people as possible. Seven people died and

almost 50 were injured as a result of the horrific attack. This area of Southwark is named for Borough Market itself, a wholesale and retail food market and one of the largest and oldest food

markets in London. Speaking soon after the

attack, Chair of Borough Market trustees, Donald Hyslop, said in a statement: “We are deeply shocked by the events that took place around Borough Market last night. Our thoughts are with all those affected by this senseless act. “Borough Market is in the

heart of a strong, diverse and creative community, a community that supports each

other and will pull together to show solidarity in the face of this callous attack. “We would like to thank the

emergency services for their bravery and quick response. We continue to work with the Metropolitan police with their investigations and the Market and surrounding area remains closed at this time.” At the time of going to

press we had been unable to confirm when the market would reopen.

Opening Times: The Market Hall

Monday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm. Stall opening times vary. Wilko

Monday to Saturday, 8am to 6pm. Sunday, 10.30am to 4.30pm. T.K. Maxx

Monday to Saturday, 9am to 6pm. Sunday, 11am to 5pm. (Times subject to change).

Markets team is trying to achieve in promoting the traders and what they offer. “They want to attract new shoppers and we hope that this campaign will help them to reach some different audiences. Our students involved in the filming have become regular shoppers.”

Trader under investigation for displaying racist flags

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Sgt Pepper pop-up emporium in Liverpool

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Market Trader of the Year Award



Enjoy a wonderful shopping experience in its beautiful Victorian Covered Market, Arcade Shops and T.K. Maxx & Wilko Stores.


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