Inspiraonal Stories

Tales of warme, refugees and hardships overcome.

B  D Imbolo Mbue

Jende and Neni are firm believers in the American dream and know they can achieve a beer life for themselves and their son. Jende works long hours as a chauffeur for the wealthy Clark Edwards and his family, while Neni does care work and studies to be a pharmacist. Then Jende is told his applicaon for a green card has been rejected. As cracks also start appearing in the Edwards family’s lives, it seems the American dream may not be all Jende and Neni hoped for.

A   W W S

Michael Morpurgo Six year old Arthur is shipped off to Australia in 1947. He’s put to work on a farm and treated as lile more than an unpaid servant. All he has le of his life in England is his lucky key, and memories of the big sister who stayed behind. Years later, Arthur builds a boat for his daughter Allie, to take her back to England and find his sister. A powerful story of what it means to be a family, Alone on a Wide Wide Sea is 10 years old this year. Why not lose yourself in Arthur’s story this summer?


T G W B ISIS Farida Khalaf and Andrea C. Hoffmann

ISIS kidnapped Farida Khalaf from her Northern Iraqi village in 2014. Beaten, raped and sold as a slave, the teenage Farida refused to bow down to her captors or to convert to their religion. Aer numerous aempts, and nearly being beaten to death, Farida eventually escaped with five other girls. Having been granted asylum in Germany, this is her harrowing tale as told to Andrea C. Hoffmann.

G M T Michelle Magorian

This classic tale tells the story of a cantankerous old man who takes in an evacuee in World War II Britain. Tom Oakley is gruff, reclusive and sll grieving for the wife and son he lost so many years ago. His ward William has his own demons to bale, including an abusive mother. Together they learn to put the past behind them and trust in each other.

When Will is summoned back to London and fails to keep in touch, Tom knows something’s wrong and sets off for the City to bring Will home.

T N Krisn Hannah

Two sisters in France at the start of World War II. One wants to keep her head down, wait for her husband to come home and keep her daughter safe. The other plans to do everything in her power to fight the enemy. Each will end up making her own contribuon, resisng the Nazis and saving lives. As much a tale of sisters as it is of war, this is a truly powerful read that will haunt you for days aerwards.

T G  S N ‐ Hyeonseo Lee

Hyeonseo Lee gives us a glimpse into life in secreve and oppressive North Korea. She was raised in a country where the slightest sign of resistance against the government is punishable by torture or death. At 17, Hyeonseo fled to China, leaving behind her family, and wasn’t able to see them again for 12 years. She is now an advocate for refugees and speaks out about the plight of the people who sll live in fear in North Korea. Her TED talk has been viewed 4 million mes, by people across the world.

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