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June 2017

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News Autumn’s TV role

A LANGLEY teenager has made her screen debut in a bank’s advertising campaign. 6

Fines target smokers

MOST of the fines handed out by Maidstone’s litter wardens are for dropping cigarette ends.

Princess Royal visit

PRINCESS Anne dropped in on Maidstone’s Save the Children shop. 20

Laughter is key at school rated ‘good’

HEADCORN Primary School has been described by a Government inspector as a “good, caring, friendly and happy” place to learn. There was particular praise for

Sarah Symonds, who took up the headship – her first – at the school in February last year. Ofsted inspector Margaret Coussins said: “You lead your staff with determination, commitment and vision,” adding: “Your plans for improvement are incisive, ambi- tious and focused on improving pupils’ outcomes even further.” Awarding the school a “good”

grade, she paid particular attention to the harmonious environment cre- ated at the school by staff, saying: “Headcorn is a happy school where pupils feel valued, behavewell and enjoy all that they do.” The inspector recognised efforts

to improve pupils’ progress in read- ing and maths, adding: “Achieve- ment is clearly improving. “You acknowledge,however, that

there is scope to provide greater challenges for the most able pupils to reach the higher standards.” Miss Symonds told Downs Mail

she was extremely proud of the ef- forts of pupils, staff and those in- volved in the King’s Road school, which make it a great school. She said: “I never cease to be im- pressed with the pupils. “Our core values ensure that their behaviour is consistently good; they respect both adults and peers and have an infectious zest for their ed- ucation.

“They take great pride in their

school and confidently speak about their learning with a genuine sense of engagement and excitement. “I am always receiving compli-

ments about the pupils’ lovely sense of humour, polite behaviour and their desire to be a key part of school improvement. “They are a vital part in driving

our school to new heights, and the diligence, tenacity and effort of our staff ensures a happy, caring, pur- poseful learning environment for pupils to make progress. “There’s always laughter ringing throughout the school as fun is a key ingredient for our school com- munity.”


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Bridge action A CALL for safeguards to pro- tect East Farleigh’s bridge from traffic generated by development in Maidstone Council’s Local Plan has been made by Historic England. 10

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THE fire station was thought to be a suitable site for a defibrillator at Headcorn; repairs to the horse trough at East Farleigh would cost £780 after it was damaged by a car; a seat in memory of the late Cllr Cynthia Webb was installed at Holy Trinity Church in Coxheath; the limb of an ancient yew tree in Hunton churchyard was broken.

Crime Reports 37

A CATERING van in Yalding was broken into and cash was stolen; a package was stolen from a drive in Headcorn; parts were removed from a vehicle in Staplehurst; a ve- hicle on a garage forecourt at Staplehurstwas broken into but the intruders were disturbed by police.

Comment 46-47

15 Royal Star Arcade, High Street, Maidstone 01622 296680

Birds delay lock work 28

A PAIR of nesting wagtails held up repairs at East Farleigh Lock.


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