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SunTrust Receives Governor Award

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Governor McAuliffe Restores More Voting Rights Than Any Governor in American History

2017 Hampton Delta

Foundation Cotillion

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Hampton Jazz Festival's 50th Anniversary Lineup

Ramsey Lewis, Bobby "BlackHat" Walters. Friday's show features two of the

greatest "neo-soul" artists of all time. Festival favorite Jill Scott - and everyone's favorite KEM. Between them they will mark a fitting opening tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the Hampton Jazz Festival. In keeping with the name "Jazz" - the Friday show will also have the enormously popular Brian Culbertson - and the fantastic duo of Gerald Albright and Jonathan Butler.

Saturday's show - while not complete, Patti LaBelle

HAMPTON, VA. -- The 50th Anniversary Hampton

Governor McAuliffe surpasses former Florida Governor Charlie Crist's Administration by restoring the rights of 156,000 Virginians ~


ceremony in Norfolk, Virginia, Governor Terry McAuliffe announced he has individually restored the rights of 156,000 Virginians - more than any Governor in American history. His restoration


surpassed former Governor

Charlie have

Florida Crist's

Administration, which had restored the rights of approximately


individuals through a clemency board.

"Expanding democracy in

Virginia has been my proudest achievement during my time as Governor," said Governor McAuliffe. "Over the course

of the last year, I have had the privilege to meet with many of the men and women affected by this order, and their stories inspired us as we continued this fight against the hostile opponents of progress.


Virginians whose rights we have restored are our friends and neighbors. They are living in our communities, raising families, paying taxes, and sending their children to our schools. Restoring their voting rights once they have served their time does not pardon their crimes or restore their firearm rights, but it provides them with a

meaningful second chance

through full citizenship." On

April 22, 2016,

Governor McAuliffe signed a criteria-based order restoring voting and civil rights to


Health Editorial Education


Brain Relay Great Bridge High School

Hampton Roads Upcoming Events Scholarships Watch

STEM Activities for Girls Chesapeake Jubilee 2017

Collegiate Inventors Competition

Student Loan Cash-Out Refinance Option Holds Both Promise and Pitfalls

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Washington, D.C. – New changes

announced by Fannie Mae targeting current and future homeowners with student debt create

both opportunities and risks for

consumers, especially for those who use mortgage credit to pay off a student loan.

“Swapping student debt for mortgage debt can free up cash in your family budget, but it can also increase the risk of foreclosure when you run into trouble,” said Rohit Chopra, Senior Fellow at the Consumer Federation of America and former Assistant Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. “For borrowers with solid income and stable

Jazz Festival announced the lineup of artists to appear at this monumental event. The Festival will take place over a 3-day period at the Hampton Coliseum beginning on Friday, June 23, 2017 at 7:30 PM; Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 7:00 PM; and Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 2:00 PM. Confirmed artists are as follows: Jill Scott, KEM, Brian Culbertson, Gerald Albright and Jonathan Butler, Anthony Hamilton, The O'Jays, West Coast Jam featuring Richard Elliot, Norman Brown and Rick Braun, Maze featuring

Frankie Beverly, Patti LaBelle,

promises to be one of the best ever. Returning after several years will be Anthony Hamilton - another very important "neo-soul" artist. And appearing for the umpteenth time will be the Mighty Mighty O'Jays - probably one of the 3 or 4 most favored artists in the history of the Festival. Tipping back to the "Jazz" scale will be the West Coast Jam - comprised of the fabulous trio of Richard Elliot, Norman Brown and Rick Braun. The Festival will be announcing shortly one more artist to round out the Saturday night show.

Sunday's show is nothing short of an all-star tribute to the 50 years of the Hampton Jazz Festival. Probably the 2 most favorite acts at the Festival ever - Maze featuring


Fannie Mae Announces Policy Change for Homeowners with Student Debt

employment, refinancing can help reduce the burden of student debt. But for others, they might be signing away their student loan benefits when times get tough.”

As the largest source of mortgage credit

in America, Fannie Mae’s announcement could have a significant effect on the mortgage market and student borrowers. More than 43 million Americans owe $1.4 trillion in outstanding student debt.

Fannie Mae updated its Selling Guide

to permit originators that sell loans to the mortgage giant to offer a new refinance option for the purpose of paying off a student loan. Proceeds from the refinancing will go directly to the student loan servicer to fully pay off at least one loan.

The policy change will likely have

the effect of greater availability and lower interest rates for homeowners refinancing their

Fannie Mae’s announcement expands upon a program launched last year with SoFi to offer a similar product.

Homeowners who tap home equity

to pay off student debt give up their rights to income-driven repayment options on

HOMEOWNERS PAGE 2 mortgage to pay off student debt.

National Prayer Day

Free May 2017

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