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Emmanuel Christian Centre – Sunday: 11.00 am - (10.30 am for prayer), 6pm - Sunday Life Group. Wednesday: 10am, 1pm - Mothers & Toddlers, 7.30pm – Prayer Meeting. Friday: 6pm - Rainbow club. For more information email Tel. 01437 767921

Hill Park Church – Sunday: 11am, 6pm. Tuesday: 2pm - Prayer and Praise. Wednesday: 7:30pm - Mid- week meeting. Monday: 3pm – Monthly Senior citizen’s teas. Any enquiries please email: secretary@

Prendergast, Haverfordwest.

Calvary Church – Sunday: 10am, 6pm - Includes communion. Wednesday: 7:30pm - Prayer Meeting. Trafalgar Road, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 2TP

Cleddau Community Church – Sunday: 10:30am - Family Worship. Milford Marina, Milford Haven

The Church at Nantucket – Sunday: 10:30am. Small groups meet throughout the week - please contact Naomi for info. Marine House, Nantucket Ave, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire, SA73 2BE. Please visit our website for more information www.

St Katharine & St Peters Church – Sunday: 8am - Low Mass, 10am - Parish Mass with Sunday school. Monday: 8am - Low Mass. Tuesday: 9am - Morning Prayer. Wednesday: 10am - Low Mass followed by Coffee

St. Mary’s Church, Haverfordwest – Sunday: 11:15am - Holy Eucharist. 5th Sunday of the month: 10.30am -United Parish Mass (Venue by rotation). Friday: 11am – Holy Eucharist.

Church of the Holy Spirit – Sunday: 10:45am - Informal Worship

(Informal Communion every 2nd Sun), 6pm – Informal Praise (2nd, 4th & 5th Sun) & Informal Communion (1st, 3rd Sun). Top of Court Rise/St Lawrence Hill, Hakin, SA73 3PG

St Mary’s Church – Sunday: 9.15am - Holy Communion (1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of the month) & Morning Prayer (3rd Sunday of the month). Wellington Road, Hakin, SA73 3BU

St David’s Church – Sunday: 8am - Holy Communion (1st Sunday of the month only), 10.45am - Morning Prayer (1st and 3rd Sunday of the month) & Holy Communion (2nd, 4th and 5th Sunday of the month). The Green, Hubberston, SA73 3PL & The Rectory, 35 Westaway Drive, Hakin, Milford Haven. Tel. 01646 696914 or email AndyBookless@

Broad Haven Baptist Church - Sunday: 9:30am, 11am. First Sunday: 11am – Communion. Ministers: Ben and Helen Dare. The Barvels, 21 Marine Road, Broad Haven SA62 3JS 01437 781428

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter – Day Saints - Sunday: 10am – Worship Service. Congregation Leadership: Branch President Calvin Williams. Milford Rd (Junction of A4076/A477) Johnston SA62 3HL

Grace Church West Wales - Sunday: 10.30am. Queens hall, Narberth. For more information visit our website

St Davids Cathedral – Sunday: 8am - Holy Communion, 9.30am - Cymun Bendigaid (Capel Mair), 9.30am - Parish Eucharist (Nave), 11.15am - Choral Matins, 6pm - Choral Evensong. St Davids Cathedral, The Deanery Office, The Pebbles, St Davids, SA62 6RD. For more information visit our website

Thought of the week... It’s staggering to think that

the level of unsecured debt is now reckoned to average £13,000 per house hold. Now I’m no financial whiz kid, in fact I constantly give thanks that I have a wife who can keep our house in order. But even I find this level of

debt unnerving and it makes me increasingly determined to support the work of Christians against Poverty CAP is an incredibly effective debt counselling charity. And it’s services are free too. It makes my day every time I’m told that yet another person is now debt

St Mary’s Fishguard – Sunday: 8am - Holy Communion (trad), 10am - Holy Communion with prayers for healing, 6pm - Evening Prayer. For more information visit our website uk

St.Clement’s Neyland - Sunday: 9.30am - Holy Communion, 10.45am - Happening@Neyland. St Clement’s Rd, Neyland, Milford Haven, SA73 1EB www.parish.

St. Peter & St. Cewydd Church, Steynton – First Sunday: 9am - Holy Eucharist, 11am - Family Service. Sunday 18 Dec: 11am - Blessing of the crib, 6pm - 9 Lessons & Carols. Saturday 24 Dec - 7.30pm - First Eucharist. Sunday 25 Dec: 9.30am - Said Eucharist. Sunday 1 Jan: 11am - Said Eucharist,ing of the Crib. For more information please visit our website at

Zion Free Church – Sunday: 10:30am, 6pm. Meyrick Street, Pembroke Dock, SA72 6UT

The Salvation Army – Sunday: 10:30am – Morning worship, 6pm - Café Style Worship. Upper Park Road, Tenby SA70 7LT

free. Now interestingly enough this

is the kind of imagery the Bible uses when it talks of our sin. “Forgive us our debts” we pray as we are reminded that God expects us to do the same. I’m often told that Christianity

is not just boring it’s completely irrelevant too. People who think like that need to talk to the man I baptised who told me he can now sleep at night because of what his faith has done for him, Alternatively they would do well to chat with the young mother I met

Albany United Reformed and Methodist Church. – Sunday: 11am – with Rev Hugh- John Wilson (Tea & coffee after the service). Wednesday: 10.30am - service of Holy Communion. Hill Street, Haverfordwest, SA61 1QE

The Havens Beacon Churches - 1st Sunday: 9.30am - Eucharist in Walton West, 11am - Eucharist in Haroldston West, 6pm - Evensong in Talbenny. 2nd Sunday: 9.30am - Eucharist in Walton West, 11am - Eucharist in Talbenny. 3rd Sunday: 10.30am - Eucharist in Walton West, 6pm - Evensong in Talbenny. 4th Sunday: 9.30am - Eucharist in Walton West, 11am - Eucharist in Talbenny. For more details contact 01437 779330.

St David’s Church – Sunday: 8.30am - Said Eucharist, 6pm – Evensong. 2nd Sunday: 11.15am – Sung Eucharist. 5th Sunday: 11am – Café Praise. Wednesday: 10:30am – Said Eucharist. Prendergast, Haverfordwest.

Quaker Meeting House – Sunday: 11am. Friends Meeting House, Priory Road. Milford Haven.

St Francis R C Church – Sunday: 11am, 6pm. Monday: 9.30am.

some years ago. She was wracked with guilt because of something she had done in the past. But when we prayed together she said she saw a snow-covered field and it reminded her of a promise that God made more than 2000 years ago: “though your sins are like scarlet they will become as white as snow.”. Irrelevant? Anything but. It’s why Christianity is such good news.

Rob James

(Media Consultant Evangelical Alliance)

Wednesday: 7pm. Thursday: 9.30am. Friday: 9.30am. Saturday: 9.30am

United Parish Acts of Worship - Sunday: 9.30am - Holy Communion (St John’s Church), 11am - Holy Communion (St Patrick’s Church and St Teilo’s Church). Monday: 9.15am - Morning Prayer (St Teilo’s Church), 4pm - Mini messy Church. Tuesday & Thursday: 9.15am - Morning Prayer (St John’s Church). Friday: 9.15am - Morning Prayer (St Patrick’s Church).

Tabernacle Congregational Church - 1st Sunday: 11am - Communion Service and children’s Sunday club. 2nd Sunday: 2.30pm - Welsh Language Service. 3rd Sunday: 4pm - Communion Service. Tabernacle Congregational Church, Barn Street, Haverfordwest.

St Peters Church, Johnston - 1st Sunday: Morning Prayer. 2nd & 3rd Sunday: Eucharist. 4th Sunday: Family Service. 5th Sunday: Joint Service.

Grace Church, Narberth - Sunday: 10am - Coffee, 10.30am - Prayer. Narberth CP School, SA67 7FE. 01834 861777

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