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3 News Car-park shut over concerns for male’s welfare

Thomas Sinclair Editor DYFED-POWYS POLICE

sealed off the multi-storey car park in Haverforwest on Wednesday evening (Jan 11) following reports of an incident. A number of police vehicles were

at the scene, and when our reporter arrived there were officers blocking all the entrances to the building. Mid and West Wales Fire and

Rescue Service were also in attendance. A witness at the scene told the

Herald of unconfirmed reports that a young male was threatening to cause injury to himself. This has not yet been confirmed by the authorities. A police officer told The Herald:

“The mother of the male is here, and she is very distressed.” A statement later released by the

police press office said: “Dyfed-Powys Police are currently dealing with an incident at Haverfordwest multi-storey car park, concerning the welfare of an individual. “An area around the car park has been cordoned off to allow officers to

Concern for male's welfare: Emergency services at scene on Wednesday night

carry out their duties. A second statement released by

the police on Thursday morning said: “At approx. 8.55pm on Wednesday, Dyfed-Powys Police received reports

of concerns for the welfare of a man in Haverfordwest. “Officers

attended at

Haverfordwest multi-storey car park, where the priority was to ensure the

safety and welfare of the distressed man. “An area around the car park was

cordoned off to allow officers to deal with the situation, and a negotiator was

also deployed to assist. “By approx. 3am this morning

the man was safe with officers and is now in the care of the health service, receiving the necessary support.”

Expected 5% rise in Council Tax approved by Authority PEMBROKESHIRE County

Council’s Cabinet has approved the draft budget for 2017/18, which could see a 5% rise in Council Tax for the next three years. Cabinet met on Monday (Jan

9) and were told that things were ‘not getting easier’ and that ‘salami slicing’ the budget was not going to work. The Welsh Government recently

announced its settlement for all councils in Wales, with Pembrokeshire getting a relatively similar amount to

James Hemingray

the year before. Council Leader Jamie Adams said

that the council is underfunded when compared to other areas. Cllr Adams went on to say: “We

are now at a point where simply salami slicing the budget of this authority is not going to cut the mustard from now on. We’re at a point where significant consideration needs to be given to how we transform the authority in terms of

UKIP supports Ferrari NHS campaign THE UKIP GROUP of the

National Assembly has announced it is fully in support of LBC radio presenter Nick Ferrari and his ‘Stop Violence on NHS Staff’ campaign. New data acquired via a Freedom

of Information request has revealed more than 18,000 hospital staff were physically attacked in the last five years.

The information request also

showed there had been 11,000 verbal assaults in this same period. Neil Hamilton AM, Leader of

UKIP in the National Assembly, said: “NHS staff are on the frontline and very

IN THE DECEMBER 23 edition

often the subject of violent attacks. They deserve the same protection as police officers.” The UKIP Group has pointed to

a law in Scotland – The Emergency Workers (Scotland) Act 2005 – which makes it a specific offence to assault, obstruct or hinder someone providing an emergency service. UKIP Health Spokesperson

Caroline Jones AM said: “Although this is not a devolved matter, we will be raising this issue in the Senedd at the earliest opportunity to urge the Welsh Government to make representations to the UK Government.”

Corrections and clarifications

of The Pembrokeshire Herald, we wrote that 35-year-old Steven Andrew Thomas, from Upper Frog Street, Tenby, had pleaded guilty to seven charges relating to two young boys under the age of 15.

This was incorrect and we are

happy to clarify that Mr Thomas entered no pleas to these charges. The Herald would like to

apologise to Mr Thomas. This mistake was the result of a typing error.

not just the financial model, but the model of delivery and the method that we take to deliver the services that people in this county need. “There has been consideration of

Council Tax levels. What’s been very interesting to me is that its seen as acceptable that the authority should improve its capacity through Council Tax revenue and that is why a 5% Council Tax increase is set out at this juncture. There is a contribution from the introduction of second home Council Tax income.”

Cllr Keith Lewis said: “Taking

into account the extra income through an increase in Council Tax, we are still faced with nearly £7.5 million of reductions which we need to put forward through the way in which we transform our way of working - that shouldn’t be played down. I think our citizens of Pembrokeshire should be aware the publicity from the Welsh Government is of a lenient or even generous financing of local authority spending, [which is] still due to pressures, means a very significant

change in the way we work.” Following approval by Cabinet,

the draft budget will now be considered by the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

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