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Blackbridge biomass site criticised

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Under fire: Egnedol planning application for biomass facility in Milford Haven criticised by international campaign group


campaign group has called for Milford Haven residents to object to an application submitted by energy company Egnedol to build a near fifty-megawatt biomass facility at Blackbridge, Milford Haven. Biofuelwatch has called on local


residents to object to plans that it says will result in 'the biggest purpose- built biomass power plant in the world'. Egnedol have promised that its

latest development will create over 500 jobs; however, Biofuelwatch has argued that the company is 'unlikely to succeed and to deliver the promised jobs and economic benefits'.

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An original planning application

was submitted by Egnedol in July last year; however, the accompanying environmental statement was deemed incomplete by an inspector. In addition to the biomass facility,

the development at Blackbridge will also include industries such as aquaculture facilities (comprising indoor fish and prawn farms), algae production units, a cheese factory, and a packaging and processing plant, amongst others. Heat captured via the biomass

facility is intended to promote the development of and reduce the costs associated with these other industries. However, Biofuelwatch has also looked to highlight some of the risks

“An incident happened tonight “God only knows what would

have happened had they have not been locked!”

Jamie-Lee also says the police Moments later, a second man

appeared and tried to break into her car: “He said ‘open the f***ing door’ and was yanking the door handle vigorously.” Thankfully, Jamie-Lee had locked

the doors when she spotted the first man. She then drove away, causing the man in the road to jump out of the way. Her post on Facebook, which has

now gone viral around the county, said: “Ladies and gentlemen please make sure when you’re driving country lanes etc at night you lock your doors!

have been informed of the incident, but due to the bad weather they will not be able to retrieve fingerprints: “Bit shaken up but the police have been and taken a statement. Unfortunately, due to the weather, they were unable to get any fingerprints which is a shame.” The post has already been shared over 700 times. Jamie-Lee says that the men

‘weren’t British’ and hopes that anyone with information will contact police. A Dyfed-Powys


spokesperson said: “Police are investigating a report that a man has attempted to gain entry to a vehicle after it had been flagged down by a second man, near Robeston West, Milford Haven. “The incident took place at around 7.40pm on Saturday (Jan 7).

associated with the development, suggesting that 'biomass and waste gasification is associated with significant risks of explosion and of high unplanned air emissions'. It also points out that 'explosion risks are particularly worrying' at Blackbridge, given its close proximity to both LNG tanks and oil storage. Biofuelwatch also suggests that

the proposed facility would 'gasify' some 240,000 tonnes of waste derived fuel and the same amount of virgin wood every year. Members of the public have until

February 2 to submit any comments regarding the application. You can access this via the Biofuelwatch website.

Investigation launched aſter attempted car break-in A POLICE investigation has

been launched after a local woman experienced a terrifying incident on Saturday night (Jan 7) when a man forced her car to a stop and another tried to break into it. Speaking to The Herald, Jamie-

Lee Irving, 30, said the man was in the middle of the road when she was driving near Robeston West, Milford Haven, which forced her to stop: “I came over the brow of a small hill and he was standing there waving his hands.”

where two men attempted to get into my car.

Jamie-Lee Irving: Managed to get away

“Anyone with information is asked

to contact Milford Haven Police on 101, quoting reference 300.”

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