16 News A CONSULTANT Paediatrician

at Withybush Hospital is set to stay in his post, following reports that he was about to leave. News of Dr Martin Simmonds’

potential departure had been met with concern that some services would not be the same without him. Dr Simmonds has become widely

known for his work with children suffering with autism and there were also fears that autism diagnoses could

be delayed if he left. However, those fears have now

been put to bed with the news that he will remain in his post. A spokesperson for the Hywel

Dda Health Board told The Herald: “We are delighted to report that Dr Martin Simmonds will be continuing in his post of Consultant Community Paediatrician, working with children in the community who require specialist paediatric care.

“Community posts such as this

do not work in the acute paediatric services and therefore will not impact on the current working arrangements for Withybush PACU, which continues on temporary reduced working hours of 10am to 6pm, due to acute paediatric recruitment difficulties. “The


Paediatrician vacancies continue to be advertised and we are actively seeking to recruit into them.”

Rheumatoid Arthritis support group meeting

age from ‘wear and tear’. However, Ailsa Bosworth, Chief Executive of NRAS, said: “RA is a very serious systemic autoimmune disease which affects not only joints, but can also affect organs such as the heart, lungs and eyes. It does not relate to wear and tear; it occurs when your immune system, which normally protects you, is triggered into attacking you from the inside.” Karin Jones, committee member

The NRAS West Wales group volunteers at the group’s meet and greet in November (L-R): Yvonne Spencer, Julie Herbert, Lorraine Hart, Karin Jones and Betty Edwards


National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) West Wales group are holding their first official meeting, following their successful meet and greet in November, on Thursday (Jan 19). The meeting will be taking place

at 6.30pm at the Seminar Room at Withybush Hospital’s Renal Unit, which is situated to the left hand side of the main hospital entrance, and will feature guest speakers from St Davids Well-being, who will talk about complementary therapies, including acupuncture. All are

Alex Othen

welcome and you don’t need to be a member of NRAS to attend. The NRAS West Wales group was

set up for people with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), and for those who support someone with RA, to have access to invaluable support from like-minded people. Arthritis is an umbrella term for

a variety of different types of joint disease, and many people assume that arthritis is simply a condition, though painful, that most get as they

for the NRAS West Wales group, said: “We were thrilled with the positive response to our November meet and greet evening. Over 19 people attended and, after listening to the opening welcome address, participated in lively and productive discussions. “As all five of us volunteer

organisers have Rheumatoid Arthritis ourselves, we were able to empathise and offer support. “We received many suggestions

for the future of the group and valuable support to enable us to move forward together.” The NRAS West Wales group are

hoping to recruit more members to help raise the profile and awareness of RA and to lobby to improve RA treatments for everyone. For more information about the

NRAS West Wales group, call 01628 823524 or email uk.

Towy Works: Where the police chase ended A CAR chase, which started

in Pembrokeshire, ended with police chasing a man through a Carmarthenshire store on Tuesday (Jan 10). The car, which failed to stop at the

request of police officers, eventually came to a stop near Towy Works in Carmarthen, at which time two men exited the car. One of the men was detained immediately; however, the second fled

THE FORMER Narberth School

and got up onto the roof of the Towy Works building.

Both men were arrested. A Dyfed-Powys


spokesperson said: “A vehicle that failed to stop for police in Pembrokeshire stopped in Carmarthen Town Centre. “A short search and the use of

a police dog led to the second male being located and arrested. “Both are now in police custody.”

Narberth School to be demolished James Hemingray

is set to be demolished following a decision made by Pembrokeshire County Council’s Cabinet on Monday (Jan 9). The building was described as

‘shoddy’ and ‘awful’ by the Council Leader and it was suggested that a clean site could be more attractive to future developers. Cabinet members also agreed that

the demolition of the site should be completed by March 31. Once demolished, the site would then be used as a temporary car park. Council Leader Jamie Adams

said: “This redevelopment opportunity has now passed with the selected developer and that arrangement has now been ended by mutual agreement. “In terms of the old Narberth

School, the site as you will recognise is a prominent site in the town and the site is adjacent to the main car park. “Time has moved on somewhat

from when this was first considered, and it has been a very long running saga, and economic conditions have changed considerably from the first time this was considered. Perhaps we need to re-evaluate what our expectations are of this site and what it can deliver. “I think one of the important

aspects with the loss of this development [is that] it’s not just about a commercial opportunity - it is the loss of a significant number of affordable homes which is something that Narberth desperately needs.” Cllr Keith Lewis added: “This is

a very difficult situation in terms of development of a retail property at the

moment and one thing that I’ve learned is that even if were to entice a prime retailer, there is an expectation because of the level of demand and supply within the retail area that leaves these retailers, almost as a rule, expecting that their investment is de-risked, whereby they expect local authorities and developers to make a significant contribution for their set-up costs.” He also said that a leisure-based

development could be considered for the site and asked if the demolition of the site could also be added to the recommendations. Cllr Elwyn Morse was concerned

that the demolition could impact on any offers coming in and that some developers may wish to take the site on as it as. Cllr Adams felt that a clean site

would be better and that the building doesn’t add anything in terms of attractiveness of the site. Director of Development Dr

Stephen Jones said: “It is fair to recognise that it has some sensitivity amongst the local community. There is a group of individuals who went to the school who are very passionate about retaining the façade as part of any development. A cleaner site is obviously easier in terms of encouraging development but I think it is fair to recognise there will be some opposition to the demolition when that happens.” Cabinet voted unanimously to

approve the demolition of the building by the end of March.


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Doctor set to stay at Withybush Two arrested following car chase Consultant

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