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Disability award for shooting club Neyland’s green spaces

Railway Terrace: Overlooking the Marina THIS year, Neyland’s green

spaces will come into their own, after they were offered to the Town Council.

Neyland Town Council will

Recognition: Angela Miles presents Disability SportWales award to Value Independence Target Shooting Club


club has received a prestigious award from Disability Sport Wales. Value Independence Target

Shooting Club (VITSC) has been awarded an Insport Ribbon for provisions they have in place for helping disabled people gain access to their sport. The Club has been running for

just over a year at Milford Haven Leisure Centre and is affiliated

to The National Small–bore Rifle Association (NSRA). Initially operating with four

shooting ranges, these were replaced in August last year with 10 new ones. This expanded what VITSC

could offer and has enabled more shooting time for existing members and casual shooters. They are now hopeful to establish additional shooting slots during weekdays and are aiming to produce national level participants in future.

Angela Miles, Disability

Sport Development Officer for Pembrokeshire, who presented VITSC with their award, said: “The growth in the club in such a short time is phenomenal; they now have over 20 members and are now looking at starting additional shooting slots during the week to attract new members for the future development of the club.” For further club details, contact Justin Prickett on 01646 695785.

Tumble dryers prompt safety warning A NUMBER of household fire

incidents involving tumble dryers in recent weeks has led to Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (MAWWFRS) issuing a safety message about their usage during winter months. Group Manager David Hancock

of MAWWFRS said: “During periods of damp weather, people tend to use tumble dryers to dry laundry on a more frequent basis. It is therefore imperative that users of tumble dryers regularly clean their appliance from lint or fluff and do not overland these appliances. “Fit working smoke alarms and

test them weekly. If something does go wrong, it could save your life and that of your family.” The following safety advice has

been issued by MAWWFRS for those who use tumble dryers: •

Always follow manufacturer instructions on use and maintenance of your appliance;

• • •

Clean out lint trap after every use – a build up of lint or fluff can cause fires;

Don’t overload plug sockets – tumble dryers are high wattage which means it needs its own 13 amp socket;

Don’t leave appliances unattended • • •

– don’t turn your tumble dryer on before going out or going to bed. Tumble dryers contain powerful motors with fast moving parts that get very hot;

Don’t ignore warning signs – if you can smell burning or clothes feel hotter after a cycle, have your appliance checked out;

Don’t overload your tumble dryer or put items in that have been used to soak up flammable liquids, including cooking oil;

Ensure you allow your tumble dryer to go through its final cooling stages before removing clothes or other items.

be holding a consultation exercise, including a public meeting, in February. Residents will be asked for their ideas and how they would like to get involved. The playing field adjacent to

Victoria Court, plus the current play park, have been offered to the Town Council once the housing plans for the Charles Street site have been approved. The Town Council will allocate funds to protect and improve play facilities. There are also a number of flower

borders around the town, one of which, at the Cenotaph, is maintained by

funds from the Town Council. There are other flower borders

and green areas which could use community volunteers. The idea is that low maintenance

plants and shrubs could be planted. There is a large green area in front of Cambrian Road and Railway Terrace where the buddleia can be reduced or removed and native species introduced. The Mayor of Neyland, Dr Simon

Hancock, said: “We already have a couple of community volunteers doing excellent work. What we want to do is engage with the community and seek ideas and help in managing these precious spaces. “Volunteers can appreciate the

mutual benefits of healthy exercise while helping to beautify our town.”

Changes for Pembrokeshire police officers POLICE OFFICERS in

Pembrokeshire are on the move this month as the St Davids Neighbourhood Policing Team move to the fire station and Tenby Police Station closes temporarily for refurbishment. Superintendent Ian John, Policing

Lead for Pembrokeshire, said about the move in St Davids: “This move has been about ensuring the best use of public money. Our focus is now about spending time in the community working with local people and advances in technology allow us to do this much more.

“We really don’t want to spend

much time in our police stations, so sharing a facility with the Mid and West Wales Fire Service helps both services make the best use of valuable resources. “There is very little need for

Officers and PCSOs to return to a station throughout their shift. The switchboards, systems and paperwork once associated with policing are now available in the palms of our hands. “This new base will give us the

flexibility to have a base available to us for those times when we need it. It is important to us that the people of St Davids and surrounding community know how to engage with us. ” Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner Dafydd Llywelyn said: “It’s great news that the people of St Davids continue to have a police base at the heart of their community. I am committed to ensuring opportunities of working with other agencies to maintain services within local communities are maximised. This development is part of a wider Estates Programme, helping me, as the Commissioner, to ensure an effective and efficient service is delivered for local residents. “I look forward to working with -

and listening to - the community over the next four years.” Iwan Cray, Mid and West Wales

Fire and Rescue Service’s Corporate Head of Resources, said: “We are delighted to welcome St Davids Neighbourhood Policing Team to St Davids Fire Station. “Mid and West Wales Fire and

Rescue Service works in partnership with Dyfed-Powys Police across a wide range of activities, and sharing our base at St Davids is another example of our excellent co-operation. “I look forward to continuing our

close working relationship with the police, and other partner agencies, in making the communities of Mid and West Wales safer places to live and work. Tenby Police Station will also

be closed from Monday (Jan 16) for approximately eight weeks in order for the building to be refurbished. During this time, alternative

arrangements will be in place for normal service to continue. The Neighbourhood Policing Team will be based in a portacabin on the police station premises and will be accessible as they are now. The Public Call point outside the

police station will also remain working. Inspector Gareth Thomas said:

“This level of investment in Tenby Police Station clearly demonstrates our commitment to keeping a local policing base in the town and our desire to ensure our facilities are fit for operational use for the future. “It will house a number of police

officers and police staff who, together, will continue to keep the public safe. The refurbishment will ensure that we are able to provide the highest standards of service to our communities in the Tenby area.”

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