News from Wigley Orchard and St Michaels Caravan Parks • February 2017 • Issue 62 The Hopbine Thanks from Cancer Research UK

At long last we received a Certificate of Ap- preciation from Cancer Research UK in De- cember for the money we donated in September. As you can see, the total raised by Stroll

On 2016 was £1,347.60, so very many thanks to all of you who walked with Brian, who raised money or who made a donation to help us reach this magnificent amount. You may remember that in previous

years we’ve raised money for the Worcester- shire Breast Unit. Sandra is pleased to report that this dedicated unit for all breast cancer treatments is now up and running in a very pleasant building with a calm and restful at- mosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the main Worcester Royal hospital. We’re now looking for a new charity for

Stroll On 2017 – let us know if you have a favourite one that would be appropriate.

The Brexit effect

Our New Zealand holiday showed us at first hand how much the British pound will now buy overseas – everything seemed much more expensive than the last time we were there – and our business is also feeling some effects of the post Brexit rates of exchange. Caravan manufacturers announced big

price rises in January and our gas supplier announced 29% increases in prices for 2017. The good news is that we fixed our elec-

tricity prices last year until November 2018 and all our new 2017 caravans were ordered at the pre-increase prices.

Continuous improvement

As you know we can’t sit still with two car- avan parks to look after, no matter how much some of us would like to! We are al- ways trying to make improvements to en- hance your caravan experience, so in the coming weeks we will be spending £10,000 on new tarmac at Wigley Orchard and St Michaels. At Wigley we’ve bought two new electric

buggies to help our staff get round the park efficiently without damaging the planet, and we’ve cut down a lot of trees to let the sun- shine in and to help the satellite dishes see the satellite. In the spring we’re also planning to up- grade the wifi at Wigley Orchard.

Building plans

At the end of November we were finally granted planning permission to replace John and Hannah’s mobile home at St Michaels with a two storey house. Malvern Hills District Council were quite

particular about the size of the house (small) and the number of dormer windows (none), so local architect Robert Perrin has produced an interesting design with four gables which will sit nicely on the site of the existing struc- ture.

We are now in discussion with builders

and hope to start work in early summer – watch this space for progress reports!

Gas – don’t lose it

During the winter we have encountered two instances of gas leaks which cost money. You can reduce the risk of loss by either

turning off your gas at the meter or by at least checking the meter reading regularly. Remember that to protect your central

heating from frost during the winter you should leave the gas turned on.

The English are not a very spiritual people, so they invented cricket to give them some idea of eternity.

Just a thought ... 01885 410331

Hello and goodbye

These existing owners are upgrading for 2017 at Wigley Orchard: Doug and Jill Benton Mick and Val Edgar

and at St Michaels: Graham and Maureen Brimmell Steve Carey and Julie Brimmell

These were all deals agreed during the sum- mer/autumn of 2016 and have made for a very busy period of winter work for John and his helpers. We hope all four families will enjoy their new holiday homes.

Welcome to new caravan owners at St Michaels: Roger and Jayne Goring from Cheslyn

Hay. We were pleased to accept their Swift tourer caravan in part exchange –we always approve of customers swapping a tourer for a static caravan!

At St Michaels we say goodbye to: Gary Green and Tracey who are leaving

to get married in February. We wish them all the best for their future together; Margaret Andertonwho was one of our

first customers at St Michaels in 2008. We wish her well in the future.

and at Wigley Orchard: Mr and Mrs Tony Morris who arrived

on the park in early 2005 and are leaving re- luctantly to spend more time with their grandchildren in the West Country.


Neil McGurk, who had been at Wigley Or- chard with his wife Chris since 2012, died in January after a long illness. We send our condolences and best wishes to Chris and her family.

We’re all green at St Michaels

Now that Margaret Anderton has left we have been able to sell off site the only cream coloured caravan on the park, so now all our caravans are green. We now have one pitch available for a

new caravan. If you would like to buy a new caravan to be sited on this pitch at St Michaels, please speak to John who can ad- vise on prices, options and availability.

Brand new 2017 caravans on order, and mad sheep – see overleaf

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