THOMAS BUILT BUSES Saf-T-Anchor Removable Seat (S.T.A.R.S.) Thomas Built Buses is now offering its Saf-T-Anchor Removable Seat (S.T.A.R.S.) mounting system for spe- cial-needs school buses. This proprietary seating system allows passenger seats to be easily removed and reinstalled quickly, literally within a few minutes. Unlike track seating, this unique system uses wall-mounted seats with the feet secured to the floor using specially- designed anchors. No special hardware or compli- cated measuring is required. The seats will go back only in the location as designed and installed by the factory, so there is no guesswork during reinstallation. This allows cost effective and easy configuration and reconfiguration of buses, based on the number of special-needs students. The S.T.A.R.S. mounting system meets all state and federal safety regulations, including FMVSS 210, 213, 222 and 225.

BESI Safe Journey Cam Wrap & Seat Mount

Besi says its new product provides special needs transporters a safe and easy-to-use option for securing stu- dents that have difficulty remaining seated. BESI’s engineering team took a standard BESI or Universal Safety Vest and made it tamper resistant by using a new cam wrap design. The upper section of the securement

threads through the existing D-rings and connects behind the seat, out of the reach of the student but easily accessible to the transporter. This new upper section also features improved adjustability to improve safety and comfort. The lower portion features a unique, tamper-resistant hook that makes the clip hooks more difficult to unfasten for the passenger. Besi said the ability to use a tamper-resistant seat mount with a vest makes loading and unloading students quick and simple while still providing extra protection for “escape artists.” Safe Journey is available in small, medium, and large sizes and works in con- junction with any existing BESI or Universal Safety Vest in the corresponding size. The company added that when ordering a BESI or Universal Vest, the Safe Journey Seat Mount can be ordered in place of the standard seat mount.


The Convertible NextGen seat for three-point seatbelts or integrated child seat Is an exclusive seating option that will be available for exclusively on all Blue Bird and Micro Bird school buses this summer. This convertible solution allows the customer to change the seat-back frame to a three-point or child-restraint seat without having to purchase all new seats for reinstal- lation in the bus. The seat back frame

is secured by four bolts, which can be easily removed to replace it with one of the other options offered, including three-point seat belt, three-point seat belt with child restraint, lap-belt-ready, and child-restraint-only options. The bottom cushion of the seat also tilts completely up, allowing the area under the seat to be more acces- sible. Just one seat-leg down the aisle on gusset-mounted seats also reduces the floor space used for easier cleaning, and reduces the amount of parts used. The seats were also designed to take up less space and increase passenger comfort. The seat come with a standard three-year warranty on the foam, and a five-year warranty on the workmanship and seat frame paint.

SAFEGUARD SuperSTAR IMMI’s SafeGuard introduced its new SafeGuard SuperSTAR portable restraint with an exclusive central adjust and several additional benefits over the STAR system. The company said the exclusive central adjust makes driv- ers’ and aides’ jobs easier, and insures children are properly restrained. The SafeGuard SuperSTAR is the only re-

straint engineered with the added safety of car-seat technology while providing school transportation managers with more versatility. The SuperSTAR’s central adjust allows for one-pull tightening of the restraint system, which SafeGuard said makes it easier and faster to correctly secure children in the restraint.The new product is de- signed and CAPE-tested for 25- to 90-pound pre-school children and includes a longer cam wrap that attaches around any size of school bus seat. SafeGuard said three SuperSTARS fit on a standard 39-inch seat and flatter base contours provide more comfort. An optional chest strap is also available.The SuperSTAR offers a seven-year service life, and SafeGuard said the solution also comes with a new covering that is easier to clean.

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