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pundits and reporters focus on one rule, taken out of context, from which to make their poetic prognostica- tions, the public is ill served. Since January 2014, I have had

the opportunity to observe the RNC Rules Committee 3 times a year. At each meeting, the 56 members of the Rules Committee strategically ana- lyse the strengths and weaknesses of both the primary and convention processes, reviewing the rules that have worked, those that haven’t and make decisions to introduce new rules, suspend other ones or elimi- nate those that no longer have rel- evance. Once the 56 members agree on proposed resolutions, the entire body of the RNC, 168 members, have the opportunity to challenge any of the proposed changes and vote to accept or reject any of the rules. For example, they instituted strict

rules governing when and how the 2016 Presidential Primaries will take place. If a State violated any of these rules, the State is at risk of losing a percentage of their delegates. For the first time in 20 years every State will be fully represented at the Convention. To

refute the contradictory

information reported by the media regarding the supposed open con- vention,

Republicans Overseas

organised a call with our 51 Coun- try Leaders and their membership to receive the inside story from RNC Rules Committee Chairman Bruce Ash and Special Counsel to the RNC James Bopp, Jr. Moving onto how the rules for the 2016 convention are created by the 112 delegates on the Convention Rules Committee (CRC) is conceptu- ally a simple process. The RNC Rules Committee presents the foundation package to the 2016 CRC, at which time the sitting committee delegates will vote to accept the rules. In all like-

lihood, as in past conventions, there will be motions to amend, suspend or add rules. Rules 26-42 govern the convention and historically, any of these rules might receive motions for changes. Not simply rule 40b as has been reported incessantly. Once the CRC approves the pro- posed 2016 convention rules, it is taken to the entire delegation of 2472 delegates to approve.

Tyranny inside the GOP On Thursday, April 21st, 2016 [just after we go to press – ed] the RNC Rules Committee will review a pro- posal from Oregon Committeeman Solomon Yue which provides a solu- tion for creating complete transpar- ency of the nomination process and limits the Establishment’s ability to hijack the convention a’nd ultimately, the nomination process. He, along with many members of the RNC Rules Committee believe that if the 2016 RNC Convention is governed by the 1500 page House of Representatives rule book the majority of the conven- tion delegates representing both Mr Trump and Senator Cruz will revolt. In contrast to the House rule book, all of the GOP State Parties conduct their business based on Robert’s Rules of Order. All State Chairmen and every State Committeeman and Committeewoman (RNC insists on equal representation) are elected based on Robert’s Rules of Order. There are approximately 5 people who understand these 1500 pages of rules, one of whom is RNC Special Counsel James Bopp. Jr. In short, the House rules give

enormous leeway for the presiding convention Chairman to disregard the will of the delegates and dis- regard the established convention rules after the 1st or 2nd ballot. Under Robert’s Rules, when balloting starts

the nomination process is considered closed. Under the House rule book, the presiding Convention Chairman (expected to be Paul Ryan), can liter- ally ignore any of Rules 24-42 which govern the convention or the nomi- nating process. Mr Yue’s motion is designed to establish absolute transparency in the nomination process and to pre- vent the Establishment from com- mitting a sin that could potentially destroy the Republican Party. He believes that the grassroots have spoken. To totally disregard the votes of the people will bring about chaos and destruction. Over the past week or two, Mr

Trump has complained about how the system is rigged, which has forced RNC Chairman Reince Prie- bus to explain to the public the ‘rules’ which have governed the primary process and to deny these accusa- tions. Chairman Priebus asked Com- mitteeman Solomon Yue to table his motion. Priebus thought any other rule changes would create more con- troversy. This request, along with sub-

sequent emails to Rules Chairman Bruce Ash has prompted much media attention. Mr Ash has accused the RNC Chairman and RNC Legal Counsel John Rider of tyranny and breach of trust. There is supposition that since

Reince Priebus and Paul Ryan grew up together, the ultimate goal is for the Establishment; despite their wil- ful blindness, their rejection of real- ity, their negation of the dysfunction governmental system to persevere by putting in the Establishment’s choice. Will this destroy the RNC? Cre- ate a new political party? Or, if Trump secures the needed majority, will this infighting have left such bad blood that nothing will unite the GOP?

The American 69

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