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Are you in danger of deportation? S

uccessful, hardworking Ameri- cans and their families are being

deported by the UK government as a result of uncontrolled EU migra- tion and an election promise to control net inward migration. Among those that The American

knows of are: • an entrepreneurial couple in Hull and their two daughters

• teachers whose schools wish them to stay

• the wife and daughter of a British war hero; a woman with cancer who has been married to her British husband for 12 years

• a wealthy US citizen refused re-entry to the UK because she ‘travels too much’. All are financially independent and none claim benefits. Many of them have fallen foul of a rule demanding that people on a Tier 2 Skilled Workers visa must have an annual income of at least £35,000, a significantly higher amount than the median annual income of workers in Britain (£21,900 in 2013/14). Other nationalities outside the

EU are affected. Josh Harbord of the campaign group Stop35k told us, “Media in the US, Australia, and India has been reporting for months now on the unfair settlement threshold. These are the nationalities that will be hardest hit. Despite this, many Tier 2 skilled workers are still unaware that they will be punished with deportation for earning under £35,000. Some won’t discover the danger they’re in until they try to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. It’s imperative that we keep telling anyone we can, trying to reach everyone who’ll be

10 The American

affected, even as we desperately try to raise thousands of pounds for further legal action.” One American threatened with

deportation is a successful musician. Alyson Frazier was pleased to find herself featured in a mainstream newspaper, but upset that it wasn’t for the non-profit organization she started helping children who have been traumatised by conflict, or the competition her contemporary music ensemble (Ensemble x.y) won recently, or the debut of the young professional orchestra (Ensemble Eroica) of which she is a a director. Instead, the article was covering the change in UK policy regarding Tier 2 Skilled Workers Visas, which means that she may be deported from the country in September. Alyson wrote to The American: “Secretary Theresa May said,

‘in future, we will exercise control to ensure that only the brightest and best remain permanently.’ If immigration rates need to be decreased or otherwise controlled, it makes sense to keep those most valuable. In an attempt to simplify the screening process, the Home Office has chosen to measure this ‘value’ by income. Does income accurately reflect the value of ones work? Considering that nurses and teachers will be among the most affected by this new regulation, the answer is a resounding “NO”. “The Royal College of Nursing

said: ‘The new rules will deprive the NHS of experienced nurses when demand for them is greater than ever before.’ The National Association of Head Teachers shared the same viewpoint, saying:

‘We strongly question the wisdom of deporting highly-trained staff in the midst of a teacher recruitment crisis.’ “If these jobs, which are clearly

integral to the functioning of British society, aren’t accurately ‘valued’ under the £35,000 regulation, what other oversights are being made by this policy? One sure result of implementing this policy is that women will be disproportionately affected due to unequal pay between men and women. “Theresa May wrote, “The

‘biggest single factor’ stopping the government achieving its aim of reducing net migration to the tens of thousands was net migration from the EU’ which would suggest that UK’s reason for running a campaign to deport skilled non-EU workers is to counteract the flow of largely unskilled EU immigrants protected by the EU open-door policy. Such a ‘plan’ will only hurt UK society and its economy. “The government is playing a numbers game with human lives which will have serious repercussions not only on UK society itself, but on the global community. If the UK government doesn’t value highly skilled, economically and culturally enriching, tax-paying rule- following responsible citizens, what DOES it value?”.

The American is collating the experiences of Americans being threatened with deportation and investigating this story. If you are affected by the UK government’s change of policy, please email

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