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the performance calendar for Feb.-Apr. 2016

February 4 Pizzicato Porno

TheDanielleGeorgiouDanceGrouppresents Pizzicato Porno—a critically acclaimedwork that digs at themeat of intimate human interaction. The fragility of honeymoon hormones bleeds onto the dancers head fromvideo into live performance. The dancers fillweath- er balloons to insulate themselves fromone another, and use the dis- tance to project video experiences asmeditations on their collective past relationships. Fear and curiosity drives the interaction, displayed by the innocence of physical play,which, in turn, dissolves into lack of communication and distrust. Looping the sounds of live, improvised violin plucking, the chaos of sound sets themood of a constant stream of thoughts. Tacit emotional reactions set tomusic. In the end, the rela- tionship of dancers, to each other, to the environment, and to the event, are all seen as a complete, non-linear romance. The relationship is seen as a dance, a construction, and a soft failure—the inherent qualities of any human interaction. February 4, 2016 at 8:00 pmat the DallasChildren’s Theater, 5938 Skillman St.,Dallas, TX75231. $15-$20.

Pictured: CloudGate’s “Rice.”

February 11-13 FacultyDance Concert

University ofNorth

February 11-14 TrickBoxing: Swingin’ in theRing

TheEisemannCenter presents TrickBoxing: Swingin’ in theRing by SossyMechanics, a fast-paced physical comedy full of rapid-fire dia- logue, “Fred-and-Ginger style dancing” and puppetry that TheNewYork Times called “the best showI have seen.” TrickBoxing: Swingin’ in the Ring tells the story ofDannyDavid, a down-on-his-luck apple seller who is deceived into becoming a boxer by a shady hustler and ends up swinging hisway to the championshipwith the aid of awily dance hall girl namedBella.Written, directed, choreographed and performed inmultiple roles by the duo ofMeganMcClellanandBrianSostek, TrickBoxingwas described as “stuffedwithmore tricks than a vaudevil- lian’s trunk” by theMinneapolis Star Tribune. The production is presented in partnershipwith theUTDallas School ofArts&Humanities. Residency activitieswithUTDallas students culminatewith a student workshop performance at theEisemannCenter at 6:30 pmon February 12. February 11-12, 2016 at 8:00 pm, February 13 at 2:00 pm &8:00 pmand February 14 at 2:00 pmat theEisemannCenter, 2351 PerformanceDr.,Richardson, TX75082. $38-$45.

Pictured:DanielleGeorgiouDanceGroup. Photo:KarloX.Ramos

February 5 CloudGateDanceTheatre ofTaiwan

“When you’re talking aboutCloudGate,magic is not too strong a word.”—TimeOut.

Togetherwith theCrowCollectionofAsianArt,TITASPresents a visually stunning and thought-provoking dance, Rice, by the interna- tionally celebrated choreographer,LinHwai-min. The formidable CloudGate dancers, trained inQiGong and internalmartial arts, enact a human drama parallel to the life cycle of rice. The inspiration for Rice came fromthe landscape and story ofChihshang in theEast RiftValley of Taiwan.Acinematographer spent two years on location capturing the cultivation of rice: flooding, sprouting, harvesting and burning.ChoreographerLinHwai-minhas created exuberant yet powerfulmovementswoven through Soil, Sunlight,Wind,Water and Fire, telling the story of the land. February 5, 2016 at 8:00 pmat the WinspearOperaHouse, 2401 Flora St.,Dallas, TX75201. $12-$80.

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Pictured:MeganMcClellan andBrian Sostek of SossyMechanics a publication of the dance council of north texas

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