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Leahy and King and Nimitz and Burke and Zumwalt-the very title implies action. It’s the Chief of Naval Operations.” Mabus added, “It is fi tting that this cere-

mony takes place here at the Naval Academy, where the Navy legacy and legend for both our outgoing and incoming CNO began.” Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter,

the senior Pentagon offi cial in attendance, presided over the event. Carter spoke of the Navy’s many accomplishments during Greenert’s tenure. “With Adm. Greenert standing the

Richardson relieves Greenert as CNO From Chief of Naval Operations Public Aff airs

WASHINGTON (NNS) -- Adm. John Rich- ardson relieved Adm. Jonathan Greenert as the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) in a ceremony, Sept. 18, at the U.S. Naval Acad- emy in Annapolis, Md. Richardson became the 31st CNO, the Navy’s most senior offi cer and, as a member

of the Joint Chiefs of Staff , a principle advisor to the Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Defense and the President. T e Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus,

spoke to mark the signifi cance of the event. “We are here today to mark the change

of command in one of the most storied, most historic and iconic posts in our military or any military-the Chief of Naval Operations,” said Mabus. “T is job has been held by

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watch, America’s Sailors and Marines have been where it matters, when it matters - re- balancing to the Asia-Pacifi c, where much of America’s future will be written; reinforcing our longstanding NATO allies; supporting our forces ashore in the turbulent Middle East; and providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief the world over, in a way that only America can and does do,” said Carter. Before concluding, Carter’s remarks

turned to the future, adding “Continuing and building on all this work will be critical going forward, and Adm. John Richardson was a clear choice to carry it out.” During the ceremony, Richardson took

the podium to thank Greenert and his wife Darleen. “To have the chance to work with Adm.

Greenert - to have he and Darleen as friends and mentors, is like being an immediate family member.” T e new CNO briefl y discussed his

worldview and the optimism he has for the future. “I think that deep in our guts we sense

a shiſt in the world, and we sense that once again it will be vitally important to protect our interests on the seas,” said Richardson. “As an American and as your CNO, I am very optimistic. Because this is exactly the environment in which Americans thrive, and we will thrive.” In his farewell speech, Greenert, aſt er

four years as CNO and 40 years of honorable service as a Naval offi cer, thanked those who served with him during his tenure, his

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friends, family and the men and women serving in the U.S. Navy. “People are this country’s asymmetric

advantage,” said Greenert. “We talk a lot about the Sailors, but it’s also the civilians-It’s also the families. It’s great American willing to do the job. T ey are our advantage.” Greenert also praised his successor. “Challenges remain, but we have the

right team,” said Greenert. “Adm. Richard- son has all that it takes, but he also has what it takes, and that is Dana [his wife], and they are ready to meet those challenges.”

A New Defense for Navy Ships: Protec- tion from Cyber Attacks

By Bob Freeman, Offi ce of Naval Research Public Aff airs

ARLINGTON, Va. (NNS) -- T e U.S. Navy is developing the Resilient Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical Security (RHIMES) system, a cyber protection system designed to make its shipboard mechanical and electrical control systems resilient to cyber attacks, offi cials announced Sept. 17. For most people, the term “cyber secu-

rity” calls to mind stories of data theſt like the recent hacks of the OPM database, or network spying like the 2012 breach of the Navy-Marine Corps Intranet. But in this networked world, hackers

might also try to disable or take control of machines in our physical world-from large systems like electric power grids and indus- trial plants to transportations assets like cars, trains, planes or even ships at sea. T at’s where RHIMES can help. “T e purpose of RHIMES is to enable us

to fi ght through a cyber attack,” said Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Mat Winter. “T is technology will help the Navy protect its shipboard physical systems, but it may also have important applications to protect- ing our nation’s physical infrastructure.” Dr. Ryan Craven, a program offi cer of

the Cyber Security and Complex Soſt ware Systems Program in the Mathematics Com- puter and Information Sciences Division of the Offi ce of Naval Research, explained that RHIMES is designed to prevent an attacker

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