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Signature Wellness’ fully trained specialists provide a turnkey service from consultation and design to mould creation and manufacturing

All of the products are plumbed with stainless steel fittings as standard with hydro massage jets countersunk into the tiled shell for comfort and hydro massage effect using Absolute’s own unique design. The company’s standard tiled shells are finished using 20 – 25 mm mosaic tiles, however other sizes are available from 10mm mosaics and up to large format tiles and are all available in numerous different shades to complement interior or exterior design. Absolute mosaic tiled spa products arrive as a pre-fabricated fully tiled plumbed shell, ready for installation and connection to a suitable filtration system. They are completely free standing and self supporting using durable stainless steel leg supports, complete with eye ball type height adjustable base feet for ease of levelling. They can be installed above-ground, in-ground using a vault pit or bund type method together with manhole access or simply in-ground and back filled with pea gravel. All spa shells are manufactured from the very best marine grade GRP composite

WHEN TWO HALVES ARE BETTER THAN ONE If access is a problem don’t forget that the Certikin tiled spa comes with the option of being delivered in two halves. The spa is rejoined on site and the joint hidden by tiling over the joint itself with the matching tile strips provided. Highly versatile, they are available for use in domestic, light commercial and heavy-use overflow applications and come in attractive round, square and octagon shapes. The spas come fully tiled from the factory and in a choice of attractive glass mosaics. Their high specification includes water hydrotherapy jets for localised massage, air tracks for all over massage, an underwater light, a floating heat retention cover and full support leg kit.

materials to ensure the shell remains solid and dimensionally stable for many years.


Part of luxury tiled pool suppliers Signature Products Ltd, the Signature Wellness Division focuses on the manufacture of beautiful luxury hand tiled spas.

Whether working from very specific plans and instructions or helping with a design that’s already in mind, perhaps in line with a client’s expectations, Signature Wellness assists in turning designs into reality and the company can work with existing drawings and plans or provide ideas and concepts based on ideas. Signature’s manufacturing facility has been purpose built and provides a controlled environment of 100,000 sq ft and the company’s fully trained specialists provide a turnkey service from consultation and design to mould creation and manufacturing.

Each luxury spa is delivered complete with tiles, lights and fittings all installed and ready to connect. Delivery takes approximately 6-8 weeks (from design to completion) and each product runs through a rigorous quality check prior to shipping and again on delivery to the UK. Signature provide a ten year pro-rated guarantee (two year full manufactures warranty for mosaic tiling). Visiting a spa is a journey that aims to relax, cleanse and reinvigorate the mind and the company hold this philosophy about designing, planning and building a spa to a clients specification too.

PERFECTION FROM RIGO SPA Rigo Spa benefits from some unique selling advantages which your customers will only benefit from. The building programme will speed up as there are no stoppages for curing, etc. The installation on site of the spa is very quick so the customer doesn’t have to waste time waiting and can enjoy the benefits without delay. All the fittings for the spa can remain accessible and therefore future

For Golden Coast, there is always a way of taking the spa experience further. Not content with supplying a range of beautifully crafted hand-tiled spas, the company is full of ideas for add-on equipment that will upgrade planned spa builds or enhance existing facilities. Good examples include counter- current units, to make the most of the relatively small space in residential set-ups, and custom control panels for optimum management of multi-featured commercial spas. Within the BADU range of counter-

current systems, Golden Coast can identify an ideal model for each customer’s circumstances. The basic principle is that by generating pulsating underwater jet streams the units allow users to swim on the spot, for a vigorous workout without the need for a competition-size pool, but the same systems also provide conditions for relaxation. BADU units can be set to create a variety of massage options that will ease away aches, pains and stress. These are accompanied in some cases by a choice of lighting to match the required mood.

Golden Coast’s Managing Director Jamie Adams says: “The possibilities for enhancing people’s spa experience are almost limitless. Whether the situation is residential or commercial, and whether the spa already exists or is at the planning stage, we can find a way to make it even more of a pleasure.”

proof the installation. The spas are tiled in a strictly controlled factory environment to ensure a better finish quality. As buildings or site access can sometimes be limited, spas can be split for ease of manoeuvrability and access onto sites and refurbishment projects. In addition, a rigorous air and water testing regime is undertaken prior to the spas leaving the factory to ensure each one is of the highest standard.

Rigo Spa manufactures therapeutic vitality spas in concrete, fibreglass and stainless steel and offer a luxurious range of acrylic options. They have a large range of spa shells available on short lead times and there are endless possibilities to fabricate bespoke shapes. Vitality Spas are predominantly fabricated from fibreglass and delivered as pre-finished tiled and plumbed products. Rigo Spa can also offer these vitality spa shells in split

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