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Gentle is an oxygen based

system for keeping swimming pools sanitised and bacteria free and therefore is an alternative to traditional chlorine or halogen based disinfection systems. Based on the active oxygen system (MPS), O2

Gentle not

Gentle system is a twin sachet system comprising a 220g granular sachet ‘A’ for the disinfection process and a 50ml liquid sachet, ‘B’, which is an algaecide and bacteria controller. These sachets are complementary and are dosed at similar times to produce a soft, gentle chlorine free swimming environment. Working synergistically, the two sachets create a reliable water treatment system that guarantees optimal water quality. In addition, the O2

only provides halogen free disinfection, which reduces smells and potential irritation created by halogen treatments, but also produces soft, gentle water that is kinder to the skin, eyes and hair. The O2

Aquablanc O2 Gentle water treatment from CPC is an alternative to traditional chlorine or halogen based disinfection systems


Gentle system includes both

Gentle is easy to dose and can be added directly to the pool by using the ‘scissor cut markings’ and pouring in the opened sachet A & B, in accordance with the accompanying dosing table for varying pool sizes. O2

substances to clarify water and to minimise scale formation, thus ensuring water remains crystal clear and scale free. O2


should be dosed at least weekly; by adopting a weekly routine the system becomes easy and simple to apply.

Surex OO2 Oxysure is a per oxygen, it liberates oxygen and is as powerful as any chlorine donor and more powerful than bromine

Surex International / Voxsan Ltd are the oldest swimming pool chemical supplier in the country with a chemical history of over 100 years of water treatment experience. Surex OO2 Oxysure is an Active Oxygen product that can be used in swimming pools, spas and hot tubs. Surex OO2 basically replaces the daily application of chlorine therefore leaving pools and spas with almost natural feeling water.

The ecologically friendly product has no offensive odours, there is no taste and is suitable for those with asthma, ezcema and similar complaints. Surex OO2 Oxysure is a

granular chemical and is very easy to apply to water with a provided scoop and is very safe to handle.

Surex OO2 Oxysure is a per oxygen, it liberates oxygen and is as powerful as any chlorine donor and more powerful than bromine but doesn’t produce the wheezes associated with the use of chlorine in indoor applications and the irritating rashes often experienced with bromine.

The product is more conducive to a safer ecology – no CFC’s are given off into the atmosphere and the compound cannot affect the environment when the pool water is backwashed down the drain, thus can be named ‘green friendly’.

Surex OO2 Oxysure is far more gentle on the fabric of the pool, liners and ancillary equipment especially covers and pool cleaners and the compound has far less effect on the degredation of air conditioning systems than chlorine substances and gives a superior atmospheric environment. Surex International’s chemical engineering of water treatment compounds, first founded from the grass roots of practical experience over many, many years has now advanced to even higher levels of appreciation, understanding and knowledge and the company believe the days of chlorine are numbered.

SAFE, CRYSTAL CLEAR WATER For domestic pools and spas the drive towards salt chlorination is growing worldwide and the benefits of its use include no more expensive packaged chlorine, shock treatments or algaecides and no more exposure to chlorine powders, dangerous storage, etc. The Bright Blue salt chlorinator from Thermalec allows the enjoyment of a softer and silkier feel to the pool whilst knowing that it is safe and saving your customer money. The Bright Blue is a modular design, compact enough to fit into a circulating water treatment system in a domestic swimming pool or spa. It generates chlorine from within its own electrolysis cell.

The salt is added to the pool or spa water where it dissolves. It passes though the filtering circuit and the electrolysis cell

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