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data to and from the PrimeLab so that he is able to monitor each parameter, set appropriate levels for each particular pool or location, and even track the exact date and time the test was conducted with the results set against an account of his choosing. If, for instance, your engineers are maintaining the pool, you can programme the PrimeLab with the jobs that they need to visit during the week, then download the data to the central database when they return to base. It could not be easier! Each PrimeLab can be given a name on the Desktop Assistant and provide data on the conditions of your customers’ pools. This also allows you to offer advice on the chemical condition of the pool and helps you to sell more chemicals,” says Steve Cooper of Pool-i.d. UK Ltd.

Steve adds: “The PrimeLab is the most sophisticated photometer in its class and can assist on a regime of accurate control and measurement of any type of water. The PrimeLab is able to measure any colorimetric test method from Aluminium to Zinc with the use of reagents (mainly tablets but powders or liquids can be used if the customer prefers). It’s very different from the current products that use several LED’s at specific wavelength or interference filters and then use ‘transmission or absorption’ to get the result.”

The PrimeLab sensor measures the true colour of the sample and then provides a precise result against known standards for the parameter under test (all seamlessly via the internal software) and then gives the result e.g. chlorine 1.23 mg/l. With each measurement, the PrimeLab measures the colour according to the CIE in seven different colour scales simultaneously!


Certikin can always be relied upon to be the first to bring ground-breaking, innovative products to market and the new eXact® iDip™ by ITS Europe is a shining example. It is the very first product in the water testing market to provide total wireless connectivity between an iPhone®

, iPad® , and iPod Touch®

and a handheld photometer. The eXact®

Smart wireless technology so that data is seamlessly transferred between the two devices. The application

stores the test results history of multiple pool, spa and water sources.

Data can be shared via email and the built-in GPS feature allows for easy retrieval. The app can be customised so that you only download the tests you need. Pool technicians will appreciate the ability to store customer data, eliminating repetitive data iDip™ harnesses Bluetooth®

In September Palintest are releasing Pooltest 9 and Pooltest 25 Bluetooth® SMART products

entry tasks while saving time and money. The ingenious iDip is IP 67 rated, waterproof and it floats.

Sales Manager Dave Howard from ITS Europe says: “Since the launch of this brand new product in April we have been blown away with the response, the eXact iDip® seems to be able to fit a gap in the marketplace to offer great value for money, at under £125 along with the recording and reporting of results.” The new eXact iDip®

uses the simple four

step Reagent Delivery Method, a quick yet safe, easy procedure for analysis. Select your test then push a button and dip an eXact® reagent strip into the built in 4ml water sample cell for 20 seconds using a gentle back and forth motion. Discard the strip and read your results! Their methodology uses fewer steps, which limits errors in results. The four simple steps provides smooth, precise reagent dispersion into samples without leaving suspended solids in the sample vial that can adversely affect results, especially when testing cold water.


Palintest manufacture in the UK a full range of high precision instruments and easy-to-use reagents

developed specifically to meet the needs of worldwide swimming pool standards. The photometers Pooltest 9 and Pooltest 25 are already the preferred choice from health

clubs to holiday parks, leisure centres to major

The eXact® iDip™ harnesses Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology so that data is seamlessly transferred between two devices

international events such as Beijing 2008 and London 2012.

In September Palintest are releasing Pooltest 9 and Pooltest 25 Bluetooth® SMART supplied in four tailored kits for different use. From waterproof and battery powered for poolside to mains powered and simple to use for retail use, all new kits will offer Bluetooth®

SMART and USB port

to allow the download of results and their interpretation with the range of existing Palintest applications. Bluetooth®

SMART, also known as Bluetooth® 4.0 is the latest intelligent

and power-friendly version of the wireless communication technology. This new protocol for wireless connection for the new generation of smartphones and tablets is a huge improvement compared to classic Bluetooth® enabling much lower power consumption for a portable battery powered photometer and more reliable pairing of devices.

Interaction with the wide range of available Bluetooth®

SMART enabled electronic

devices will be considerably easier and faster, and reduce the hassle of reporting and interpreting results for a more effective pool management. The launch of Pooltest 25 and 9 Bluetooth®

SMART this September is also

the perfect time to provide access to the new Palintest app to seamlessly record and report pool results using iOS and Android devices. The new app includes integrated access to the Know resource available at including application guidance, hints and tips for effective pool control.

PROFESSIONAL ANALYSIS IN JUST 60 SECONDS The Portable WaterLink Spin is a revolutionary professional water analysis laboratory that can achieve a full suite of water analysis in just 60 seconds. The WaterLink Spin photometer takes just one sample of water, a unique reagent filled spin disk, and 60 seconds to measure

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