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Spa Crest have recently completed a programme of upgrades to their Coastal range of products using the very latest 3D imaging design software to re-sculpt the shells. Seen here is the new Duke SE model

seen as a bit of a gimmick. For owners of Sundance Spas, the new SunSmart app definitely falls into the ‘practical’ category. Golden Coast, the exclusive UK distributor for Sundance Spas and its world-leading range of spa and hot tub products, was involved in the app’s beta testing, supporting the manufacturer’s development team, and believes that the app’s advanced communication capabilities deliver real value to customers and dealers alike. “This is not just another app for app’s sake,” says Dominic Adams, a director at Golden Coast. “The ability to control a spa, adjust its settings and check on its status remotely is very handy.

“But what sets SunSmart apart is its ability to communicate error messages to dealers should they occur – allowing them to respond quickly to any issue.”

aging treatment of choice for the modern, sophisticated woman or man. And it makes you happy. Have you ever felt better when at the beach, stream or near a waterfall? Research shows that near moving water the therapeutic levels of anions are increased and known to reduce stress, improve serotonin and promote a good night’s rest. Micro-bubbles in MicroSilk® provide a high level of therapeutic anions right in your back yard!

’ proprietary ConstantClean™ water management with SmartClean™ technology is the superior system that effectively and quickly restores water back to pristine condition.

is a major distinction. MicroSilk® technology has existed in the bath industry for several years. After each bath, all the water and the impurities drawn from the skin are washed down the drain. In a hot tub, how you clean and reuse the water rather than dumping out wasted water each use is very important to understand and an effective filtration/sanitation system is needed. Marquis®

The fact you experience this wellness with Marquis®


Spa Crest Manufacturing of Claxton in Georgia use a harmonious blend of state of the art and old school technologies in the development of their products. Tony Welsby, Managing Director of Spa Crest Europe who heads up the operation which imports and distributes Spa Crest hot tubs throughout the UK and Europe told us: “We’ve recently completed a programme of upgrades to our Coastal range of products using the very latest 3D imaging design software to re-sculpt the shells. We take anatomical data of real human bodies and use this to come up with designs that are beautifully comfortable and form-fitting in each seat,

whether it’s an upright seat or a lounger.” Then, these 21st century designs are handed to the craftsmen in Spa Crest’s mould shop, where the new tech meets old school artisan skills. Spa Crest still make all their own moulds in-house and the team in their mould shop, some of whom have been with the company since they started over 25 years ago, hand-finish the moulds to the new designs to produce beautiful ergonomic, supremely comfortable new shell designs. Jet types and positions are also devised to maximise the therapeutic benefit by targeting different trigger points on the body using differing jet arrays in each seat.

The comfort built in to a Spa Crest carbon-fibre reinforced spa shell cannot be overstated and is an integral part of the whole experience. If you’re not comfortable in the hot tub, it’s not going to be relaxing. So much so, that in one visit to a Spa Crest dealer in Staffordshire, a lady who had already put a deposit down on another brand’s (more expensive) spa called them back to cancel her order and ask for her deposited to be refunded after sitting in a Hampton model. She said it was just so much more comfortable!

NEW APP FROM SUNDANCE SPAS AND GOLDEN COAST DELIVERS PRACTICAL BENEFITS It seems like there’s a mobile app for just about everything these days, but while some are genuinely useful others can be

What sets Sundance’s SunSmart apart is its ability to communicate error messages to dealers should they wish

Designed to give users complete control – wherever they may be – 24/7, SunSmart can be used to check, activate and adjust features including: heating, lighting and jet pumps. “The status dashboard, for example, lets spa owners make changes to their filtration settings and select from a variety of pre-set or customisable programme modes. “In addition, it gives service reminders and indicates service notifications with a yellow warning triangle. Simply tapping the triangle will immediately inform the dealership that attention is needed.”

The SunSmart app for is available as a free download for easy installation on a smart phones or tablets. The app is used in conjunction with the SunSmart kit. This system is installed in the spa and is linked to the home Wi-Fi network via a SunSmart bridge which can be connected quickly and easily to a wireless router.


Artesian Spas have always strived to be at the top of the industry for hydrotherapy and innovation and this year they have surpassed themselves with the launch of Crystal AOP! Crystal AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) combines Artesian’s own Crystal UVC with their ProPure Ozone system, creating a water purification system that is so efficient and powerful, no other spa water purification system can match it. This system is an option to both of Artesian’s premium class ranges, the Island Spas and the Platinum Elite Class.

The company are also another

manufacturer to embrace mobile technology with their worldwide Wi-Fi receiver hot tub control App which allows smart phone users to control their Artesian spa from anywhere in the world with filtration and temperature settings fully adjustable. The app allows users to pick the water care setting that matches their schedule and creates the ideal spa experience every time the spa is used. Finally, Artesian have

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