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Panels Provide Bespoke Benefits Often in life, the ‘bespoke’ or ‘custom-built’ option is seen as an expensive luxury, but when it comes to pool and spa control panels it makes perfect economic and practical sense. Golden Coast’s resident technical guru Andy James explains: “With our custom-made panels you get exactly what you need. With an off-the- shelf product you could be paying for a lot of functions that you will never use, while other features that you would value are missing.” The quality and versatility of the latest panels is illustrated by a recent project at a childrens’ hospice, involving a large, multi-featured, in-ground commercial spa. The installing company’s owner had been highly impressed by a demonstration control unit exhibited by Golden Coast at SPATEX and wanted to make use of the same touchscreen technology. In the system supplied by Golden Coast the buttons are mounted on the spa shell and are linked remotely to a control panel. One feature that the installer especially liked was the colour-changeable lighting of the buttons. This can be used, for example, to indicate whether a function is currently available (green light) or not (red light). The buttons are fully waterproof and the whole control set-up is specified for reliability and longevity.

Introducing the ALBIXON BOX – A New Concept In Pool Enclosures

Thanks to the ALBIXON BOX’s unique patented concept, transportation costs for the delivery of pool enclosures have been minimised, allowing the product to already be transported to 50 countries around the world.

In their pursuit of providing a superb functioning high quality enclosure, ALBIXON have also given a great deal of thought about product assembly too. Their authorised dealers are thoroughly trained and two people are able to install the ALBIXON BOX enclosure in an average time of just 100 minutes, and it’s this quick and easy assembly which charaterises the ALBIXON BOX enclosure. Each box contains a detailed picture manual, so swimming pools can literally now be covered by everyone! ALBIXON have more than 800 units of the enclosure ready for distribution and shipping in the boxes has several advantages: mainly, protection during transportation, easy handling, lowered transport costs and the ability to ship up to 80 boxes in one lorry or container.

ALBIXON are also able to manufacture custom / non-standard typical enclosures upon request.

ALBIXON a.s. 00 420 775 852 111 Customised Pool And Spa Control

The control panel’s many functions can be accessed remotely and in this case they include: • Chemical level readings • Pump run times • Duty-share programming for two filters, with status reports

• Lighting, including DMX light shows • Room and water heating, plus record-keeping • Booster pump • Water features, including water cannons and water curtains.

The customer also chose the option of password-protected access to engineering screens, which prevents accidental disruption of the spa’s operational settings by ‘amateurs’. Another company delighted with the results of Golden Coast’s customisation is Rockingham Swimming Pools, based in the Midlands. Rockingham has used a panel built to their specification on a new pool controlling a variety of features including an automatic cover, pool lights, air handling and a dosing system. Project Manager Jon Herbert says: “We particularly like the fact that the breakers, wiring and other complexities are hidden away from the user, who only sees the interface, but are easy for the engineer to access. Asking

Golden Coast to make the panel cut our electrician’s time on the project by half, which made it a lot more cost-effective.” He adds: “We saw a panel demonstrated by Golden Coast at SPATEX and it seemed that there was nothing it couldn’t do. The first one we have installed certainly does everything we asked, and we are planning to order more in the future. The way our company details have been incorporated into the front of the panel, including our phone number in case the user needs help, is a nice finishing touch.”

Golden Coast 01271 378100

Advanced LumiPlus Design

Wins 2014 Red Dot Award AstralPool has launched LumiPlus Design, an innovative family of underwater LED floodlights that combines the most efficient and advanced LED technology with innovative design.

AstralPool's LumiPlus Design floodlights are the first ever underwater range made using in-mould decoration technology. In this case, plastic strips have been processed to look like stainless steel. This range of LEDs is available in a pure white or stainless steel effect finish. Their look and size (the diameter is smaller than a PAR56 LED floodlight) means that the LumiPlus Design range blends in perfectly with any pool environment, in addition to giving a modern and distinctive touch. Moreover, LumiPlus Design floodlights are set at an angle to light up the pool bottom better and reduce outdoor light pollution. LumiPlus Design by AstralPool has been recognised by winning a Red

Dot Award, one of the world's most prestigious design awards since 1955. The Red Dot Award is given to products launched over the past two years, which must be of proven superiority in terms of a total of nine aspects, which include innovation, functionality, ergonomics, ecology and durability.

The LumiPlus Design floodlights have improved luminous efficacy and energy efficiency by over 40% in comparison with other similar LED floodlights currently available on the market.

LumiPlus Design is available in RGB, white and RGB-DMX, and is compatible with all LumiPlus Eco, Top, DMX and LED app control systems distributed by AstralPool.

AstralPool UK 01329 514000

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