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Your missionaries’

Mission Sheets Paul, as a New Testament missionary, had the responsibility to carry the Gospel message to the known world of his day. He also had the responsibility to report back to supporting churches and individuals by letter and in person (for example, Acts 14:26–27 and Philippians 4:15–17). Your missionaries have that same responsibility. The Mission Sheets, in both printed and electronic form, give monthly reports of your missionaries’ ministries. Missionary letters describe his activities and needs. Monthly offerings from churches and individuals are reported in the monthly Contribution Record identifying contributors and contributions. This shows where your money goes. It allows you to assess how the needs of your missionaries are being met.

Contribution Terms z “Salary” or “support”—Contributions to an individual missionary designated as “salary” or “support” are applied toward the missionary’s monthly salary expense. When they are listed in the Contribution Record in the monthly Mission Sheets, they will be listed without these designations. But, they will go toward supplying his monthly salary. NOTE: if the missionary’s contributions for “salary/ support” exceed his salary amount, then the remaining amount will be deposited in his account as “personal” funds to be used at his discretion.

z “As

needed”—A contribution designated “as needed” will also be applied toward supplying his salary since his basic salary is the most “as-needed” need your missionary has.

z “Personal”—Contributions designated “personal” are not used to meet the basic, essential expenses of the missionary. These contributions are deposited in the missionary’s account for use at his discretion.

z “Designated project”—ALL contributions designated for a specific work project, appeal, or need are directed fully to that work project or need.

The total annual costs of publishing and distributing your missionaries’ monthly newsletters is $22,500. These services are paid for from the General Fund. Your missionaries are not required to pay for their own ministry newsletters and reports.

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