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ILSA Chapter Happenings

Carreau will discuss his book, “Droit Internation- ale,” and international commercial arbitration.

We are proud to be a part of ILSA and look for- ward to a fantastic year!


University of Benin, Faculty of Law Benin City, NIGERIA

Prince Ulame Erese, Chief Officer

The students of the University of Benin (UNIBEN) are pleased to be part of the remarkable milestone of the recent opening of this ILSA Chapter in Ni- geria. This development which is long over due became necessary due to the various internation- ally inclined programmes and researches that the students of UNIBEN have often participated in.

ILSA UNIBEN Chapter which just came on board, has up its sleeves a line of self initiated pro- grammes which is going to run from the end of 2013 through the Philip C. Jessup international moot court competition in 2014 till the end of the year. Some of these scheduled programmes in- clude:

The 2014 Nigerian Law Students International Conference tagged “A balance between interna- tional law and municipal interests” which seeks to uncover the apprehensions commonly faced by nations regarding their sovereignty and prescribes an equitable balance between the indispensable phenomenon of International law and the jurisdic- tion of nation-states.

African Youth and the Environment – this pro- gramme aims to create awareness among African youths of the dangers of environmental degrada- tion to the society. Its major focus is on oil and gas. The programme brings to the fore light the problems of global warming, destruction of sea animals due to pollution, contamination of former- ly habitable areas etc. To grace this occasion as the key speaker is a renowned authority in Oil and

Gas Law - Prof. Lawrence Atsegbua who also has volumes of articles and a book on Environmental law.

HUMANSERVE / ILSA Rural Development Pro- gram: ILSA (UNIBEN Chapter) has also decided to engage in certain philanthropic and charitable gestures by partnering with HUMANSERVE to organize this program. This program is born out of an initiative geared towards enhancing the life- style and living standards of the people living in the rural areas of a given community or region. Our targets are youths, women and children in rural communities, whereby we engage them in educational schemes, advocacy and provide inter- ventions.

The executive of the recently registered ILSA (UN- IBEN Chapter) which comprise mainly of students of the Law faculty and the Department of History and International Studies, as part of their projec- tion decided to break into the new year (2014) with a seminar which borders on International Law and Diplomacy. This seminar which will host Barr. Richard Ahonaruogho who was a one time national representative of Nigeria at the Interna- tional Bar Association will provide a penetrating insight into the intricate relationship of the two subjects and the recurring need of nations to em- ploy diplomacy in their international relations. It is this factor that makes this seminar a must attend for all stakeholders. The lecture by guest speaker Dr. Enabulele A.O. will include a deep compara- tive analysis of various nation states in different world times and their application of diplomacy to solve international crises. It will also reveal quali- ties that every diplomat should exude using Sir Henry Kissinger and Mr. Kofi Annan as models.

On a final note, the maiden executives have scheduled an Essay/Research competition for all incoming students of UNIBEN to mark their inau- guration into office. The subject-topic is “Interna- tional Law and its Jurisdiction over individuals.” Learned Professors and Doctors of Law will be invited to mark the written works and prizes will

ILSA Quarterly » volume 22 » issue 1 » October 2013


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