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ILSA Chapter Happenings

Also coming up on our fall event calendar is the Internship Day where students get a chance to apply for internships at various public institutions that work in our chosen field.

Thus we hope to have a successful and busy year and reach out to other student organizations both in our country and around the globe with the offer of mutual assistance and shared common experi- ences.


Vanderbilt University Law School Nashville, Tennessee USA Hunter Jackson, President


Vanderbilt University Law School’s ILS has been very busy this Fall! We continue to provide the VULS community with high-profile speakers and events that inform our community about impor- tant issues in International Law and potential em- ployment opportunities.

We began the year with an International Summer Experience Panel featuring five fantastic students who spent their summers working abroad. VULS had students all over the world this Summer, in places such as: Uganda, China, Ireland, Thailand, Nigeria, The Hague, and more. The students in- volved in the Panel discussed their experiences, and described how incoming 1Ls could potential- ly have similar experiences during their 1L Sum- mers. That same week, our very own Professor Newton presented his work and research of the Syrian Conflict at A Conversation Over Current Controversies.

October will be a busy month for our organization as well! We will be hosting Steven Hill, Deputy Legal Adviser to the U.S. Mission to the UN as he discusses hot legal topics in the UN, and gives career advice for those interested in careers in International Law. We will also have Part One of our LL.M. Speaker Series. Our LL.M.s have such

fantastic experiences working abroad prior to coming to Vanderbilt. We wanted to shine light on these experiences, and create a discussion be- tween J.D. candidates and LL.M.s about careers in international law.

We will have our first Hyatt Funded event of the year at the end of October featuring James Fin- kel, Special Assistant to the Director of National Intelligence for War Crime and Human Rights Is- sues. The event, Preventing Genocide and Mass Atrocities, will be a discussion of the theory be- hind prevention and management of such events. We will be have a reception to follow for students to talk with Mr. Finkel, as well as two Group Meetings for students particularly interested in non-traditional career paths to discuss with Mr. Finkel how to get into this important area of law in a more intimate setting.

To celebrate International Education week in No- vember, VULS ILS will be hosting two fantastic events. The first will be Women in International Law, featuring Christie Edwards, an internation- ally recognized and published expert on gender and international human rights. Her recent ef- forts include proposal development for advocacy programs in the MENA region, advocacy and research on the International Violence Against Women Act, among others.

To finish up the Fall and International Education Week, we will join VULS’ Alternative Dispute Resolution Organization in hosting a second Hyatt Funded event featuring two Syrians with experi- ence on the ground working with the opposition forces.

We have many great events planned for the Spring as well. These include Part Two of our LL.M. Speaker Series, an event featuring Kalpana Muthireddi, a corporate attorney from India who has expertise in IT contracts and has handled commercial contracts worldwide, and an event featuring Dominique Carreau, Professor at Uni- versité de Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne. Professor

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