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ILSA Chapter Happenings

Regarding foreign service, we hosted an FSO event with John Dinkelman back in November 2012. Mr. Dinkelman is a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. State Department. He advised BYU law students considering careers in the Foreign Service.

Another particular area of interest for our Chapter has been international women’s rights. Last fall, Professor Valerie Hudson came back in a inter- club meeting. She spoke about international is- sues regarding the status of women. This lecture spanned a variety of topics on international female empowerment and legal equality. This was co- sponsored by ILSA, the National Lawyer’s Guild, and the Women in the Law Foundation.

In spring of 2013, we hosted BYU LL.M. student and friend Rana Arna’out. Ms. Arna’out is a Jor- danian judge who spoke to us about the various legal issues she faced as a practicing judge in Jor- dan.

Additionally, we had an informational meeting with Rebecca Dockery-the Regional Security Of- ficer at the U.S. Embassy in Baku, Azerbaijan. She specifically spoke about the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and her experiences in Azerbaijan.


Univ. of Bucharest School of Law Bucharest, ROMANIA Iuliana-Raluca Luca, CIO

The International Law Student’s Association AS- DIP is the newly formed ILSA Chapter of the Uni- versity of Bucharest School of Law, founded by four former Jessup team-mates. ASDIP is the first of its kind in our university, created to promote international law, foster communication and co- operation between students and law practitioners internationally, and to publicize career opportuni- ties in our chosen field.

Our members number among them Bachelor and ILSA Quarterly » volume 22 » issue 1 » October 2013

International Law LL.M. graduates and students of the University, all having excellent track records in the field. With our members’ combined nine years of Jessup experience, we were ideally suited to handpick and foster our school’s new Jessup and Telders teams.

The teams representing the University of Bu- charest achieved great results in the 2012-2013 Jessup and Telders International Law Moot Court Competitions in National and International Rounds, namely situating among best speakers.

ASDIP is particularly interested in developing students’ skills for moot court competitions, for which we organized a Moot Crash Course in 2012. Guidelines for oral pleadings were offered by pan- elists specialized in public speaking and mooting. Due to the students’ increasing interest in this course, ASDIP will organize it once again this fol- lowing October.

In 2012 ASDIP was approached by the European Centre for Space Law to organize the European Rounds of the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition and one year later the ASDIP coached team attended Manfred Lachs as the very first Romanian team.

Due to excellent results in this competition we have experienced a growing preoccupation in this novelty-field of public law and thus, on October 5, 2013, we will be organizing the first ever Space law conference held at the University of Bucha- rest.

We are partnering up with UN Youth Romania, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to bring our students a chance to meet with experts in the field who will give an introduction into space law, project a view upon this part of public international law and enhance interest.

Further plans for ASDIP include the first ever Jes- sup Alumni Dinner, a chance for all former Jes- sup participants to attend, share their experience and create a strong and ever growing community.


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