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ILSA Chapter Happenings

sues to bring together the LL.M. students and the general law school community. We had an International Law Trivia Night and a party wherein people brought food and drinks from their home country or culture, which was very successful in attendance and in the amount of fun had by all. In addition, a very well received panel conducted by LL.M.s on their experience as practicing attor- neys in other countries was a very enlightening and intriguing event.

As usual, the work done by the Michigan Journal of International Law was of the highest order and their editions published in the next year will be even more impressive than years past. Further, the Jessup Moot Court team fielded by Michigan was extremely competitive.

In the current year, the Chapter has already spon- sored an event concerning the violence in Syria and has plans to bring in speakers of the highest order.


Each of the following members of the internation- al law community will be speaking at Michigan this year and each has graciously agreed to meet separately with a small group of students to really explain their work and experiences in the interna- tional law field: Melvin Williams (Vice President and General Counsel for Millenium Corp.), Profes- sor Reuven Avi-Yonah (Irwin I. Cohn Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School), Profes- sor Scott Shapiro (Charles F. Southmayd Profes- sor of Law and Professor of Philosophy, Yale Law School), Harry H. Schneider, Jr. (Partner, Perkins Coie LLP), and Justice Andreas L. Paulus (Federal Constitutional Court, Germany).

In addition to these speakers (only planned for the first semester so far), plans are already be- ing made for a regular session of speeches made by LL.M. students on funny or interesting stories about the law from their home countries as well as bringing in speakers for lunch events through- out the year for the benefit of the student com- munity.

The social events planned for the next year include a Thanksgiving dinner for the LL.M. students to introduce them to the American holiday and fur- ther conduct cross-cultural exchange amongst the student community as well as continuing the tradition of International law trivia and parties sup- porting the dialogue of International law.

Overall, Michigan Law School ILS is very excited about the upcoming year and feels it will be the best yet.


Brigham Young University Law School Provo, Utah USA

Brooke Robinson, ILSA Member

We have an exciting year ahead for our ILSA Chap- ter at Brigham Young University. Several mem- bers just returned from legal internships this past summer from all over the world. We had ILSA members working on international legal issues all over the world from Washington DC, to Paris, to Sydney, to Dublin, etc. Our members have been learning from great mentors about the skills it takes to effectively practice international law.

Our board has been busy working with the BYU’s David M. Kennedy Center for International Stud- ies, hosting several events and lectures. In addi- tion, we have a new board for 2013-2014. This year BYU’s ILSA Chapter welcomes President - Brooke Robinson, Vice President of Administration - Mark Tyler, Vice President of Communications - Allison Brown, Vice President of Publicity - Lacee Curtis, Vice President of Internal Relations & Foreign Service - James Heilpern, and Vice President of External Relations & University Relations - Chase Hansen.

This past year has been busy for our ILSA Chapter. It began with a social and introductory orientation meeting for the club hosted by international law professor David Moore.

ILSA Quarterly » volume 22 » issue 1 » October 2013

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