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ILSA Chapter Happenings

Consul General of India in San Francisco speak on Indian foreign policy. Finally, the 23rd Annual Fulbright Symposium on International Legal Prob- lems hosted by the Sompong Sucharitkul Center for Advanced International Legal Studies and co- sponsored by ILS, Golden Gate University School of Law, and the ABA Section of International Law, was a complete success. The objective of the conference, held at Golden Gate University School of Law, is to bring together Fulbright schol- ars, foreign diplomats, international law academ- ics, international law students, and others in the international law field to discuss contemporary is- sues arising in international law. This year’s topic was “International Law in a Multipolar World.” The Keynote Speaker was Professor Dr. Michael van Walt van Praag.


2012 was also another outstanding year for ILS Faculty Advisor, Professor Chris Okeke. Profes- sor Okeke is the Director for both the LL.M. and S.J.D. Programs in International Legal Studies and the Director for the Sompong Suchartikul Center for Advanced International Legal Studies

at Golden Gate University School of Law. Last year, for his outstanding services to humanity and the Catholic Church, he was awarded the Cross Ecclesia et Pontifice ‘Cross of Honor,’ the highest medal the Papacy can award to the laity, by Pope Benedict XVI.

Each Spring, Golden Gate University School of Law publishes the Annual Survey of International and Comparative law. JD students are now al- lowed to compete to be published! It is an incred- ible opportunity for students interested in inter- national law.


Moving forward, ILS plans to add many more events and panels to broaden students’ perspec- tives of International Law. We have already had our first introduction meetings and met with our new and old members. Coming up we will have our annual J.D., LL.M., S.J.D. Mixer, which is a great networking opportunity to international law students in the school. Students who may nor- mally not see each other during school hours, get the opportunity to meet and mingle, creating valuable ties to the international law community at GGU. We are also planning events that touch on international water rights, comparative inter- national animal law, international trade and con- tracts, to name a few. We are focusing on presen- tations on both the public and private sectors of International Law to expose students to the wide practice area of international law. ILS has also started new service projects this year; the first of many will be centered on pro-bono immigration work with local immigration clinics.

rigour is actively nurtured and encouraged. My study has enabled me to learn from experts in


from the most reputed universities across the globe, and fosters an environment where academic enquiry and

public international law, challenged my thinking and greatly supported my professional development.”

Sashika Jayewardene, Master of Laws (LLM)

critical legal thinking. It attracts academics of the highest calibre

“Sydney Law School is a powerhouse for

ILS President Marjan Bedar and ILS Community Outreach Coordinator Saba Maher both serve on the CA State Bar International Law Society Advi- sory Committee and just like their predecessors are advocating for a mentorship program that will connect international law students with interna- tional law practitioners. The mentorship program is currently in the works, and will be an invaluable opportunity for law students and professionals.

ILSA Quarterly » volume 22 » issue 1 » October 2013


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