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ILSA Chapter Happenings JMLS ILS

The John Marshall Law School Chicago, Illinois USA Shayan Davoudi, President

As a proud Chapter of ILSA, the International Law Society of The John Marshall Law School began this school year with welcoming new foreign stu- dents from more than 15 countries around the world, including Albania, Bulgaria, China, Italy, and Switzerland. In celebrating this, JMLS Interna- tional Law Society hosted an international potluck dinner, inviting faculty and students to share their favorite food from their home community, city or country. Through this event, the Society sought to bring students together to share their cultural background and values. With the spirit of uphold- ing and promoting fundamental principles of in- ternational law, JMLS International Law Society firmly believes that without mutual understanding of each other’s distinctive cultural values, interna- tional norms may not be fully implemented.

As the world continues to witness unrest in Egypt and Syria, JMLS International Law Society hosted an event on social entrepreneurship. Dr. Zachary Kaufman, author of “Social Entrepreneurship in the Age of Atrocities,” and Professor Shahram Dana, Former prosecutor at the International Tri- bunal for the Former Yugoslavia, and Associate Professor at The John Marshal Law School, dis- cussed the role of social entrepreneurs in con- tributing to international peace and security amid atrocities happening around the world. JMLS In- ternational Law Society also co-sponsored a panel discussion on the use of chemical weapon in Syria and the constitutional implications of a possible U.S. military strike against the Syrian regime.

During this panel discussion, Professor Dana dis- cussed the conflict in Syria in the context of inter- national criminal law. While thousands of Syrian refugees flee to neighboring countries each day, JMLS International Law Society will be holding

its “Homeless But Not Hopeless” donation drive in partnership with the United Nations Refugee Agency. In addition, the Society is currently orga- nizing a session on ILSA, inviting its Chief Com- munications Officer, Vyta Zukauskaite, to inform student members about the organization’s mis- sion, and opportunities that it provides. In order to assist law students in finding their ideal public and private international internship positions, JMLS International Law Society will be inviting Mark E. Wojcik, Professor at The John Marshal Law School and Chair of the International Law Committee of ABA Section of Tort Trial and Insurance Practices, to provide tips in writing a solid resume in inter- national law.

JMLS International Law Society is honored to see many new members at the beginning of the school year, and it looks forward to assisting students in- terested in international law. Students may find more information about upcoming events through our Facebook page, groups/JMLSinternational/.


Golden Gate University School of Law San Francisco, California USA

Marjan Bedar, President

The International law Society (ILS) at Golden Gate University School of Law has been working dili- gently and passionately to further the mission of educating law students about the field of interna- tional law, promoting awareness of International law opportunities, and bringing together the inter- national law community.

ILS sponsored and co-sponsored numerous events this past school year, with topics including: international law and domestic violence issues, careers in international law, Intrastate peace pro- cesses, and human trafficking, to name a few. We were honored to have Shri N. Parthasarathi,

ILSA Quarterly » volume 22 » issue 1 » October 2013


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