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BAYROL’s Soft & Easy gives complete chlorine free water care in a dual sachet

This makes the water harmless to the health of both swimmers and the environment. All systems incorporate a scientific process called hydrolysis combined with either industry standard ionisation or UV treatment and complemented by automated pH and ORP control. Once set up, the ProPure system requires only six-monthly (indoor pools) or annual servicing (outdoor pools) which can be completed by one of the company’s network service engineers.

ProPure prides itself in keeping up with the latest technology, and for the person who is always on the move: their latest monitoring system enables the pool water to be monitored via the web, or by phone, making sure that the pool water is always kept in perfect condition. Monitored by the ORP demand, hydrolysis is achieved by a controlled electrical charge being passed through a combination of specially coated titanium plates, which separates the water (H2

O) into its constituent

hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O) molecules. This reaction then reforms quickly and briefly into associated chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide (H2 (O3

O2 O ), atomic oxygen (O) and ozone

). All three of these carry a significantly higher relative value (ORP) than chlorine gas or indeed sodium hypochlorite and, by the time they reach the pool, have reformed into H2

leaving no harmful traces in the pool water. The ProPureSV: Ion system utilises an automated copper/silver ionisation process directly treating the pool filter with copper and silver ions. Historically this has been a highly successful method for water treatment, as the

ions produced act as a very efficient biocide, and also is an equally efficient clarifier. The new SV UV Scenic has the same intelligent control unit as the SV Ion but incorporates ultraviolet treatment, thus eliminating the requirement for copper/silver. The SV UV Scenic ultraviolet radiation which uses a wavelength of 253, 7nm, across a process of photolysis and photo- oxidation, destroys the organic matter in pools. UV sterilisation has been used for many years in the pool industry but

until now has always required chlorine donors alongside.

BAYROL Active Oxygen Systems From The Pollet Pool Group An alternative to chlorine is BAYROL’s ‘Active Oxygen’ systems. These systems are based on the combination of two components that supplement each other: component one for disinfection and component two to prevent algae growth, to activate component one and clarify the water.

Benefits of using active oxygen systems include products that are much kinder to the skin, hair and eyes. Active oxygen is a softer alternative to chlorine. The products ensure a natural, odour free and natural pool water experience. They are easier to store because of their safe nature. Part of the BAYROL active oxygen range is Soft & Easy. As its name suggests this product is extremely gentle to the skin and hair, will cause no eye irritation and is odour free. Soft & Easy gives complete chlorine free water care in a dual sachet. One sachet includes algaecide and clarifier and the other active oxygen. The pre measured sachets make dosing easy and very cost effective. The product itself is pH neutral and contains additional substances for pH buffering. Overall the product gives sparkling water with easy to use, all in one treatment sachet, no mixing of chemicals or handling of tablets. A chlorine free liquid product with an immediate effect against water turbidity and the growth of algae is also available in the chlorine free range from BAYROL. This is


58 June 2013 SPN

BayroShock. It reacts quickly and decomposes without residue.

And… For Hot Tubs… AquaFinesse Sally Koob the UK distributor for the AquaFinesse products puts the products success down to the following: “AquaFinesse does exactly what it says on the tin. It is a simple to use, environmentally friendly water treatment that deals with the biofilm issue and prevents calcium build up. The way it works is so very simple. When entering the water a person loses bacteria from their skin, these bacterium make their way to the side of the spa and stick themselves on using slime which they produce (biofilm). Biofilm is a protective layer and prevents the biocide from killing the bacteria enabling them to feed, breed and shelter safely. A massive 99% of bacteria do not live in the water they lurk beneath the biofilm mostly unaffected by biocides. This is where AquaFinesse comes in. In one simple dose per week AquaFinesse lifts the biofilm from the surface that it is attached to and helps to prevent it re-settling, creating a much cleaner healthier bathing environment. SPN


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