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Page 8. MAINE COASTAL NEWS June 2013


Free open house June 1

‘Schooner Fare’ concert to conclude festivities

BATH – Maine Maritime Museum has been waiting for more than seven years to celebrate the completion of the sculptural evocation of the schooner Wyoming, a monumental, life-size representation of the largest wooden sailing ship ever built in the United States. The wait is now over. On Saturday, June 1, the Museum in- vites the public to join in the celebration with a free open house day of events, activities and family fun. Doors open at 9:30 and the party continues all day, concluding with a concert by Maine’s “Schooner Fare” from 2 to 3:30 p.m.

“This is a special moment, a transfor- mative one for Maine Maritime Museum, and an exciting one for the residents of Maine and for anyone interested in maritime history. It’s a powerful example of how art can bring a story to life and ignite the imagination,” says Amy Lent, the Museum’s executive director. “The Wyoming sculpture was already astonishing visitors from all over the world and the six masts make it

For Those In Peril: Shipwrecks, Memo- rials, and Rescues opens Saturday, May 25th at Penobscot Marine Museum in Searsport, Maine. Opening Reception Friday, May 24th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Stories of “those in peril” will come alive for visitors to the Penobscot Marine Museum this season.

Through exciting

interactive exhibits designed by English theater designer Chez Cherry, and with the Museum’s collections of marine art, por-

even more spectacular. It’s a tremendous Maine icon and we’re throwing a big party and inviting the public to celebrate with us.” The centerpiece for the day will be a ceremony dedicating the sculpture to George Twombly – a prominent supporter of the project – and the highlight of the ceremony will be the raising of 8-foot by 12-foot-or-longer banners or fl ags on the masts, eac h representing an important ele- ment of the Wyoming’s history. Individuals instrumental in bringing the sculpture to reality and important to the Museum will serve as honorary fl ag raisers and cannons will announce when each fl ag reaches the mast top. The fl ags and banners will remain on the masts through the end of October and will be raised again each successive year in late May.

Other planned activities for the open house include traditional shipbuilding skills demonstrations such as steam bending, caulking, ship launching, treenail making, and others; kid’s crafts; period re-enactors; historic shipyard tours; a concert by the Bath Municipal Band and river and lighthouse cruises.

traits, photographs, lifesaving equipment, original manuscripts and logbooks, small watercraft, models, and navigational instru- ments, visitors will learn about the perils of the sea and how these perils have shaped, and continue to shape, our lives in coastal Maine.

For Those In Peril exhibits include a moving life raft; can you balance on it? A full-scale model of a lighthouse; have you ever wondered how a lighthouse works, or

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New Location for 2013  Free Parking JUNE 12–13, 2013

The Wyoming evocation, the largest outdoor sculpture in New England, is among the most visited and photographed

how lighthouse keepers lived? Our Victo- rian ship captain’s house will be a house in mourning, bringing to life fi rst-hand accounts of disasters and their aftereffects. Fishermen’s memorials and safety equip- ment and will be featured in our Gone Fishing exhibit, demonstrating the dangers and challenges of depending on the sea for a living.

Complementing For Those In Peril will be an exciting series of events throughout the season. Penobscot Marine Museum will host a boat safety course, an Abandon Ship drill, weekly children’s activities, a lighthouse tour by sail, eight talks on res- cues and shipwrecks, and much more. This year Penobscot Marine Museum expanded its Heritage Vegetable Garden and offers a series of Heritage Garden talks. Weekly Heritage Craft demonstrations and Food Heritage Talk and Demonstrations (with samples!) will take place in July and August. For more information go to www.penob-

sites in Maine. The design was conceived by acclaimed Maine sculptors Andreas von Heune and Joe Hemes.

Shipwrecks Exhibit Opens the 2013 Season at Penobscot Marine Museum Penobscot Marine Museum, 40 East Main Street, Searsport, will be open for the 2013 season from Saturday, May 25 through Sunday, October 20, 2013. The Museum is open Monday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm, Sunday noon to 5:00 pm.

We Need Your Help!

A small group of people, mostly from the Friends of the Boat School (FOBS), gathered to bring the Boat School back to life on 24 January. The School needs $2,000 a month to cover the basic expenses. This is doable, but will not be easy. They do have some donated boats and some new Whitehalls that could be sold to raise some of the needed funds. The rest would have to be raised other ways.

Steps are already being taken and the School will come back to life because of the determination of a few who have never given up hope. Now that few needs your help.

Membership Levels:

Dinghy $10; Whitehall $25; Eastporter $35; Friendship Sloop $50; Downeast Skiff $100; Journeyman $500; Tradesman $750; Mentor $1000 Name: Address:

SAVE $20—REGISTER FREE TODAY! Register free at or call 207—799–1356.

City/State/Zip: Telephone: E-mail:

Mail to: Friends of the Boat School, 16 Deep Cove Road, Eastport, ME 04631

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