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Page 4. MAINE COASTAL NEWS June 2013

Maine Coastal News Winterport, Maine 04496-0710 U.S.A.

P.O. Box 710 (207) 223-8846 Fax (207) 223-9004 E-mail - Web site: Publisher's Note

Running a business in today’s world is getting more and more diffi cult and for many the enjoyment is absent. I have said before, if you have not stayed up with the techno- logical advances you may not be using all the tools you need to better your business and the bottom line. Believe it or not, some still do their accounting the long way, but the worst is not having embraced the Internet for marketing. However, to stay up with these advances is almost a full-time job as things constantly change. For many this creates a time problem and lots of frustration. Some of the old ways still offer good

Maine Coastal News is published 12 times a year and is dedicated to covering the news along the entire coast of Maine, Kittery to Eastport. We cover general marine news, commercial fi shing, yachting (power and sail), boat yard and waterfront news and maritime history. Distribution of Maine Coastal News is from Eastport to Marblehead, MA and is free on the newsstand. It also can be by subscription. A year subscription, 12 issues, is $20.00. A single copy is $2.00, which covers the postage. Foreign rates for subscriptions are $40.00 per year. The Maine Coastal News offi ce is located at 966 North Main Street, Winterport, Maine. Comments or additional information write: Maine Coastal News, P.O. Box 710, Winterport,

Maine 04496. Publisher Editor-in-Chief

Jon B. Johansen Rachel Elward

Advertising Deadlines: The deadline for the July issue is 14 June. The deadline for the August issue is 12 July.

methods. Two issues ago I stated that the on-the-road sales people are quickly be- coming a thing of the past. The majority of businesses now only call or e-mail, but those that still have sales people on the road say that without question it works. They add that it is expensive, but cost effective. For me I believe that the only way to do my job right is to be on the road. That means about 4,000 miles of driving a month and this translates to $10,000 a year in just gasoline. Add on the two plus nights in a hotel, along with meals, and the bottom-line could easily go red. As a journalist it is about learning what is going on along the coast and obtaining the news and to me the telephone or e-mail is not an adequate method. One who has taken most of the fun out of running a business has been the govern- ment. Businesses are constantly monitoring state and federal law makers to see what they will be dealing with next. Then there are the agencies that enforce the regulations and how they go about it really tests a person’s resolve. The majority of businesses want

to comply, but most of these agencies are looking to either fi ne or make you spend an incredible amount of money to be compliant. Some of the regulations are absolutely stu- pid and are only created so that more people can make money off businesses. A few busi- nesses do make a lot of money, but a lot are just getting by and if you keep dipping into their pockets to fund the government there comes a point that it is not worth doing. In the middle of May, Maine Built

Boats’ members were invited to a dinner meeting at Verrill-Dana in Portland. Ben Ford, and a number of other lawyers who specialize in assisting marine businesses, were present and gave a briefi ng on some of the issues that they should watch for. I am glad that I do not have to pay attention to most of this. It was absolutely amazing what some businesses have to deal with on a day to day basis and it is no wonder why they are frustrated and some give up and close. How about an argument between two government agencies, the IRS and OSHA, over the defi nition of a sub-contractor? A business was called on the carpet because they had another business come in and in- stall the product they made off-site at their facility on a boat that was in storage. The lawyer’s discussed this and a number of oth- er issues, such as sub-contractors, worker’s comp, health care, family medical leave and product protection with some interesting examples. There is no way anyone wants to deal with this and after the meeting I know why some will have Ben Ford’s telephone number on speed dial.

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On-Going Exhibits: - 14 June 2013

Exhibit: The Sea Within Us: Icon- ically Maritime in Fashion and Design On view until June 2013-Portland

Public Library, 5 Monument Square, Portland

The exhibit explores the many in- tersections between maritime history and everyday aspects of our culture. From entertainment, advertising, apparel and tattoos to the language we speak, all are awash with maritime connections, both blatant and hidden. Presented by Maine Maritime Museum.

8 June - 15 October 2013 Beyond the Breakers: Lighthous- es, Life-Saving and the U.S. Coast Guard Maine Maritime Museum, Bath General Admission

Beyond the Breakers presents the story of the heroic service of the United States Coast Guard in Maine and how it evolved from the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, the U.S. Lighthouse Service and U.S. Life-Saving Service. Rarely seen artifacts, from iconic to humble, tell this exciting narrative. FMI visit www.

- 1 December 2013 That Flaunting Rag! Maine’s

Maritime War Against the Confederacy Maine Maritime Museum, Bath General Admission

This exhibit sheds light on the more obscure war against the Confed- erate sea raiders that played out in an ear of clicking telegraphs – a maritime chess game of espionage, long distance sleuthing and diplomatic double-enten- dre. FMI visit www.MaineMaritimeMu-

11+ Instruction: About Boating Safely Class

Tuesday & Thursdays, June 11 to June 20; 1830-2030 hrs. Maine Maritime Museum Bath

Nonmembers - $80; members - $75 Gain the basic knowledge to safely

trailer, navigate and operate a small vessel, needed in some states to obtain a boat license or a safety certifi cate. Taught by members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Register

JUNE 1 Wyoming Masts Dedication and Open House

0930 to 1700

Maine Maritime Museum Bath

Six masts have been added to the full- scale sculpture of the schooner Wyoming at Maine Maritime Museum and the Museum celebrates its completion with a full day of activities and events. The festivities include demos, re-enactors, children’s crafts, tours, boat cruises, a concert by the Maine’s in- ternationally renowned duo Schooner Fare, and more. FMI visit www.MaineMariti- or call (207) 443-1316, ext. 0.

8 Penobscot Bay YMCA Boat Auc- tion

Rockport Info: (207) 236-3375

8 Shakedown Regatta SailMaine 58 Fore St. Portland

8 Gosport Regatta Piscataqua Sailing Association Portsmouth, NH

15 Boothbay Lobster Boat Races Boothbay Harbor

Info: M. Farnham (207) 380-5892

15 Centreboard Regatta Centreboard Yacht Club South Portland

16 Rockland Lobster Boat Races Rockland Harbor @ Breakwater Rockland

17 Workshop: Marine Carving Class Four Consecutive Mondays - June 17 & 24, July 1 & 8; 6-8 p.m. Maine Maritime Museum Bath

Nonmembers - $80; members - $70 Participants will sculpt, stain and fi n- ish a nine-inch sperm whale from basswood. Renowned wood carver Wayne Robbins teaches the course. No experience necessary, but patience is required. Register by June 3. For more info or to enroll visit www.Maine- or call 207.443.1316, ext 0.

17/19 Instruction: Suddenly in Command Boating Class 1830-2030 hrs.

Maine Maritime Museum Bath

Nonmembers - $45; members - $40 The ideal course for those who enjoy boating, but are not often at the helm. Learn what to do if an emergency arises. Taught by members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. For more info or to enroll visit www.MaineMar- or call 207.443.1316, ext 0.

by June 4. For more info or to enroll visit or call 207.443.1316, ext 0.

17-20 Newport Charter Yacht Show Newport Yachting Centre Newport, RI

Info: Lisa Knowles, (401) 846- 1115, ext. 216

21 Tour: Seguin Island Light 1000 – 1500 hrs.

Maine Maritime Museum Bath

Nonmembers $50; members $45; youth (under 17) $25

Tour Maine’s highest lighthouse,

keeper’s house and Seguin Island. Physi- cally demanding. Register by June 17. To purchase tickets or for more information visit or call 207.443.1316, ext 0.

22 PYC Pilot Race Portland Yacht Club Falmouth

23 Bass Harbor Lobster Boat Races Bass Harbor Info: Wayne/Colyn Rich (207)


24/26 Instruction: Navigating Mid-Coast Maine Class

Two Mondays & Two Wednesdays, June 24 & 26, July 1 & 3; 1830 - 2030 Maine Maritime Museum Bath

Nonmembers - $85; members - $80 Learn how to navigate by reading

charts. True and magnetic headings, vari- ation, lines of position, chart symbols, piloting, dead reckoning and aids to navi- gation are explained. Taught by members of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Register by June 17. For more info or to enroll visit

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