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Focus magazine. This month’s cover story, on page 12, discusses Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections and how your ASC can prepare for them. To en- sure that your ASC is in compliance with OSHA’s rules, which vary state by state, your ASC needs to work year-round, provide OSHA training to all its employees annually and document that training. Since several OSHA rules require ongoing training, evalu- ation and testing, your ASC might want to consider using a dedicated calendar to note what needs to happen and when. Beginning on page 8, take a closer look at the questions your ASC needs to con- sider if it is interested in working with a compounding pharmacy. As the number of back-ordered medications in the US continues to affect surgical care across the coun- try, many health care facilities are looking to compounding pharmacies as an alter- native source of medications. As the fungal meningitis outbreak last year reminded manufacturers and users alike, ASCs and others need to proceed carefully and consider a number of factors to ensure quality compliance. On page 24, anesthesia providers share tips that ASCs can use to get the most from their anesthesiologists. “Perks and Privileges” on page 19 discusses what to consider when setting up a bonus pay program in your ASC. Read this article to find out why your ASC should offer a bonus incentive plan and what kind of bonus pay plan best suits your ASC. This issue of ASC Focus also features articles on the importance of educating pa- tients about their financial responsibility on page 28; how to build successful rela- tionships with your physicians on page 16; dos and don’ts behind a successful pain management program on page 30; and secrets to surviving successfully in this difficult economic environment on page 34. I hope you find the articles in this issue of ASC Focus useful. As always, please write Sahely Mukerji at to let us know your thoughts and send us your ideas for articles you would like to contribute or see in a future edition of ASC Focus.

Bill Prentice Chief Executive Officer

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