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Perhaps if they have a conflict with one of their partners or if they have an is- sue with other surgeons in the vicin- ity, your recognition of those issues can make your ASC more successful. Perhaps if you knew somebody had a conflict with someone, you wouldn’t schedule them on the same day.” Surgeons are very competitive by nature, Metz says. “There’s a very strong sense of fair play that perme- ates most surgeons. I think it’s impor- tant that when surgeons come into your ASC, which is hopefully their ASC as well, they have to feel like they’re get- ting equal treatment.” Often, unequal ownership positions and unequal treatment are one of the biggest things that dissatisfy surgeons, Metz explains. “We understand that in some situations there are going to be surgeons with different classes of own- ership. The goal of a good ASC admin- istrator and medical director is to make

The goal of a good ASC administrator and medical director is to make sure those surgeons who own less are being treated just as well as the guys who have a larger portion of ownership.

—Keith Metz, MD, Great Lakes Surgical Center

sure those surgeons who own less are being treated just as well as the guys who have a larger portion of ownership. “If your surgeons don’t walk into

your center each morning and think they’re getting a fair shake in the world, they won’t be very happy working at your place,” Metz continues. “It’s the administrator’s job to characterize the efforts of the ASC so the surgeons per- ceive it as being fair to everyone.”

Hard Work Pays Off

If administrators remain committed to finding internal and external ways to make their ASC into the best possible

work environment for their physicians, these

efforts will help develop the

strong relationships needed for a suc- cessful surgical facility, Scheller says. “The one thing everybody in the world respects is hard work. That holds true— and definitely pays off—in ASCs.” Austin agrees. “Keeping the cases

moving on time, keeping the patients happy are all-important because how my center treats my patients is a direct reflection on me. When they come back to the office and say ‘I thought it was going to be an unpleasant experience since it was surgery and it was anything but unpleasant,’ that’s a big plus.”

ASCA’s 2013 Fall Seminars October 9–12, 2013, at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas

CASC Review Course (October 9) Quality Seminar (October 9) Finance & Accounting Seminar (October 10–11) Purchasing & Inventory Management (October 12) CASC Exam (October 12)

Each seminar is offered individually or you can register for multiple seminars at a discount.

Continuing education credit for nurses (CEU) and administrators (AEU) will be available. 18 ASC FOCUS JUNE 2013

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