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New art gallery adds to 52nd Street allure I

By Nathaniel Lee UC Review Correspondent

f one local West Philadelphia resident has his way, a new gallery, The Urban Art Gallery, is planning to open its doors to the public and hold its first ex- hibit April 6th.

Kalphonse Morris renovates houses and has a fondness for art. Working in Center City provided him an opportunity to visit art museums and other expressions of art reserved for other areas. “I always loved the arts, have always been an arts fanatic and I have always enjoyed that same scenery and so I said let’s bring it to 52nd street,” said Morris. “A lot of people in this area may have never been to a gallery, never been to an art museum but now

it’s right in their neighborhood.” Were there doubts? You bet. Morris says that he sometimes wondered if the gallery would be well received by residents but was encouraged by his love of the arts and by the encouraging words of others to pursue his dream of opening the gallery. “I had some reservations, and, at times, I thought that the neigh- borhood might not be ready for it. But as I thought about it more and more it’s time for a change,” Mor- ris said.

Morris says that he was also encouraged by some of the com- ments he received from people whom he discussed the matter with in the neighborhood. “I have been getting a lot of good reviews by those who asked me what I was doing. Every time

L-r: Kalphonse Morris, his wife Pamela Morris and abstract artist Shawn Rae Feimster, whose works will be featured at new Urban-Art Gallery on 52nd Street in West Philadelphia, April 6th. Photo: Nathaniel Lee

somebody says that it [the art gal- lery] would be nice, it gave me


more and more of a push to keep it going.”

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Greater Philadelphia Tourism showcases 14 hot Philly Neighborhoods through innovative campaign

By Nicole Contosta Staff Reporter


ulled by working the same job and frequenting the same hangouts on weekends?

Leave your house and go on an ad- venture. If you’re a Philadelphia-area resident you won’t have to travel too far to experience something new and distinct. They don’t call the city of Brotherly Love the city of neighbor- hoods for nothing. That’s because each of Philadel-

phia’s neighborhoods has such an individual character that effortlessly blend the old with the new. With such a diverse blend of historic, edgy and artistic neighborhoods, the city liter- ally offers something for everyone. Take the craft beer venues found in the former factories that comprise Northern Liberties. Consider the bands that travel from all over the country to play in Fishtown’s popular bars. There are the diverse boutiques of the legendary South Street. There’s the lingering old-world charm of the Italian Market in Bella Vista. Let’s not forget the eclectic mix of foreign cuisine in West Philadelphia. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when

Baltimore Avenue, West Philadelphia. West Philadelphia is known as the region’s hub for education and science, but the restaurants, shops, museums, galleries and parks of the smaller neighborhoods inside it make the area feel like one big, culture-heavy town. Baltimore Avenue lends a longstanding funky flair to the Spruce Hill and Cedar Park districts. Photo by J. Fusco for GPTMC

it comes to discussing the city’s cul- tural, artistic and culinary delights. Beginning Friday, April 5th

, resi- dents will have even greater access

to what’s going on in any one of Philly’s hip fourteen neighborhoods. They include: Fishtown, Northern Liberties, Callowhill, Spring Garden,

Fairmount, Queen Village, Bella Vista, Pennsport, East Passyunk, Graduate Hospital, University City, continued on page 7

April 3, 2013

Mariposa Food Coop and Little Baby’s Ice Cream Partner for Con- struction Project

(A Pipe Dream?) By Terri Grouse


ariposa Food Coop has formally announced a new partnership with

Little Baby’s Ice Cream, a move that will bring fresh soft serve Ice Cream to West Philadelphia. The new construction project will link the Food Coop, in the Cedar Park section of West Philadelphia, and the Ice Cream company’s World Headquarters and manufacturing facility, located on the border of the East Kensington and Fishtown neighborhoods.

Mariposa, now settled into a

new, larger facility at 4824 Balti- more Avenue, isn’t through reno- vating yet. This latest announce- ment, the first in their recently initiated “Manufacturer-Direct-to- Grocery” program, is centered on what will be known as the nation’s first “Ice Cream Pipeline”, the sup- ply side of which will be located at Little Baby’s Ice Cream World Headquarters, 2311 Frankford Avenue [fig. 2, #1]. The pipeline’s planned route will include a nec- essary horizontal loop-d-loop [fig. 1, #2] near Chinatown, which will improve the ice cream’s overall texture, as well as a vegan qual- ity control check in at Grindcore House Coffee shop in South Phila- delphia [fig. 2, #3] and an altruistic trip underneath the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia [fig. 2, #4] before finally ending at Mari- posa [fig. 2, #5].

Bull Gervasi, CEO and outspo- ken enfant terrible of the Phila-

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