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SIZE MATTERS, GRAMP'S BIRD and 51 racing in Diesel Class M at Winter Harbor. Continued from Page 1.

with third going to Herman Faulkingham’s SEA ODDITY. There were nine boats on the line for Class F, 336 to 435 hp, 34 feet and over, but Ed Torosian’s MS. ROSE was not one of them. Two boats that were going to battle for the top spot were Labaron Libby’s GRAMP’S LEGACY and Winfred Ally, Jr.’s VICTORIA ANN. It was a real tight race as they headed up the course and at the three quarter point VICTORIA ANN had a slight lead over GRAMP’S LEGACY with Clair Whitten’s CC & WATER third. The only entrants in Class G, 436 to 550 hp, 28 to 35 feet, was Todd Ritchie’s SEACOCK, the easier winner. There were seven boats on the line for Class H, 436 to 550 hp, 36 feet and over, and it was a tight battle with the top four boats and after they fi nished there was a little controversy as to who placed where.

So it was decided to run the race again. This time the fi rst over was Roger Kennedy’s MADISON ALEXA, with second going to Buddy Trundy’s MISS LISA and third was Travis Otis’ FIRST TEAM. FIRST TEAM was way off the speed and Travis thought the must have snagged some line in the wheel. In Class I, 551 to 700 hp, 28 to 35 feet, Chris Smith’s MISTY understandably did not make the trip down due the weather. Gary Genthner’s LISA MARIE was up against Bill Haass’ DUNCAN & BLAKE and won by a couple of boat lengths. This gave him the class win and the top spot for the year. Also in this race was David Myrick’s JAN- ICE ELAINE, who was racing in Class J, 551 to 700 hp, 36 feet and over, but had no other competition. In Class K, 701 to 900 hp, 28 feet and over, there were two boats on the line Carroll Staples’ MOTIVATION and James West’s WILD, WILD WEST, which

Matthew Merchant's CHIX DIG IT, a Calvin Beal 44 powered with a 800-hp Caterpillar.

was being run by Cameron Crawford for the fi rst time. WILD WILD WEST seemed to have power issues and MOTIVATION went on for the win. There were no entrants in Class L, 901 hp and over, 28 feet and over, but there were plenty on Class M, 40 feet and over, up to 750 hp, 13 all totaled. With this many on the line the race committee opted to run two heat and then combine the top three fi nishers in a fi nal race. In the fi rst heat the top three boats were: Patrick Faulk- ingham’s GRAMP’S BIRD, Colon Alley’s AMANDA JOY & LOGI BEAR Billy Bob Faulkingham’s 51. In heat #2 the top three were Dixon Smith’s SIZE MATTERS, Dan Rodgers’ BOTTOM LINE, and Brian Bridges’ PADASA. In the fi nals it was a real tight battle with the top four boats, and at the fi nish it was SIZE MATTERS, AMANDA JOY & LOGI BEAR GRAMP’S BIRD and 51. There were seven boats on the line for Class N, 40 feet and over, 750 hp and over. As they headed up the course these big boats were throwing a lot of spray. Wayne Gray’s OCEAN BOUNTY grabbed fi rst, followed by Matthew Merchant’s CHIX DIG IT, and Jeff Strout’s NEVER ENOUGH. In the Gasoline Free for All, it was BLACK DIAMOND besting INDIAN OUTLAW.

In the Diesel Free for All, the real battle was between LISA MARIE and MOTIVA- TION. LISA MARIE jumped out to an early lead, but at about three quarters of the way down MOTIVATION slowly moved passed for the win.

Only one boat was on the line for the

Woodenboat Race, RICH AMBITION, WIDE OPEN was entered to race, but the Rich’s opted to head home due to the wind. Wayne Rich said that it was a good decision as they took a beating, which would have been worse when the tide changed. In the Fastest Lobster Boat, it was a rematch between MOTIVATION and LISA MARIA with WILD, WILD WEST. Again LISA MARIE took the early but failed to hold it against MOTIVATION. WILD WILD WEST was still not running well and took third.

All the boats headed for the dock and the awards ceremony. They were all waiting for the truck drawing, which was won by Fred Backman of Winter Harbor.

The hope was that if we rescheduled

the Winter Harbor races to the day before the Eastport races some may go down to Eastport. Well due to the conditions, only one boat made the run that day, FIRST TEAM. On Sunday, Brent Davis of Beals Island arrived with HEE HAW. There were a number of other boats that arrived Saturday to take in the Pirate Festival, take a tour of HMS BOUNTY and watch the fi reworks that night.

The race committee had a make-shift race schedule and they were convinced to use the Merritt Brackett Lobster Boat Race format, which worked out perfectly. Unfor- tunately, there were a number of races that had no entrants, but hopefully in the future some of the area boats will take part in the races.

There were three skiff races and they Try our

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