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“Ken Bohan is one of the nicest human beings I know. He is genuine, fair, kind and honest. He has been a major participant in our association at a local as well as state and national level in a multitude of ways for over three decades. He and his cor- poration, The Liberty Group, are well-known and well-respect- ed by everyone who is anyone in our industry. This tribute honoring Ken has been earned through his dedication, hard work and outstanding leadership example for those genera- tions that follow in his footsteps. It is so well deserved!” – Eileen Subinsky, Michael Stevens Interests

“I have yet to meet anyone, other than my late father, who has higher integrity than Ken. He is a salesperson’s salesperson. His knowledge of the multifamily industry is extensive, however, his knowledge of executive placement is unparalleled. Ken knows his clients so well that often they seek him personally to fill a position as well as his advice and counsel. I never cease to be impressed with Ken’s passion and determination to see others succeed.

I am grateful that Ken convinced me to join Liberty and HAA. Ken always stresses the importance of Liberty’s involvement with HAA. He has taught me so much that it would be difficult to list. Because of Ken and Liberty, I have received a second family larger than I could have imagined with HAA!

Ken, thank you for your vision, your insight and unwavering support!”

– Dean O’Kelley, The Liberty Group

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Kenneth Bohan on this very much deserved milestone award. Mr. Bohan is very deserving of this award due to his devotion to the association on a local level and a national level. The things I admire most about Ken are his leadership skills and his ability to bring out the best in his peers, clients and employees to strive for perfection as he himself lives his life to perfection.

Ken is undoubtedly a dedicated individual and a person of unquestioned high integrity, as he is extremely loyal in his day-to-day operations and also in his personal life. Ken is a true natural who deserves this prestigious award and I am honored to have Ken in my life as I know many of us can always count on him to be true to his word. I wish Ken further success in all his future endeavors and look forward to watch- ing him touch other people’s lives and hearts as he did mine. Mr. Kirtley also would like to congratulate you on this well deserved award honoring you.” – Nina Kirtley, Ascension Commercial Real Estate

“Recognizing Ken with a Lifetime Achievement Award is cer- tainly fitting. Ken and the Liberty Group have given so much to our association, and this is a great way to say thank you. Many of our careers have been enhanced over the years by our asso- ciation with Ken and his wonderful staff. He is an amazing example of professionalism and is selfless in his giving of his time and talents. I am pleased to be both an industry associate and a friend to Ken Bohan. Congratulations, Ken.” – David Jones, Southhampton Management


2012: Bohan is appointed to the Houston Planning Commission, with Dean O’Kelley, Mayor Parker and fellow appointee Eileen Subinsky.

management, overseeing 67 employees, five assets – four apartments and one office build- ing. I had a lot of learning to do. My youngest manager was 35 with ten years in the business. The oldest, 65, was a man who actually owned his own 100+ unit property. Surprisingly, they supported me and provided me a chance to prove myself. This job was literally “baptism by fire.” In

the first week we had a fire, a murder and a flood, lacking only famine to complete the plagues. I worked from 7 in the morning until 11 at night, walking vacancies in the dark. The man who hired me, my “friend,” worked with me one day and left the next. That was my training, but I was learning the lingo. I recall going on my third property visit.

Upon learning the occupancy was 93 percent on this 204-unit property, I inquired how many notices there were to vacate. Fifty-six, I was told. Obviously this property had its chal- lenges. The air-conditioning systems were so significantly undersized that they would only cool an apartment down 20 degrees from the outside temperature. OKC was regularly hit-

ting 105 degrees that summer, meaning the coolest any apartment could be was a toasty 85 degrees. There may not have been cheaper places to rent, but there were definitely cooler places to live. It was a crazy time. I got a call from the

Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company and was queried about what I knew regarding a signifi- cant number of our meters running back- wards. I explained to Mr. Smith of the OG&E, who was also the dad of a previous high school classmate, that the property was bought out of bankruptcy and I had no idea how the meters worked. Mr. Smith informed me that the seals on the meters had been cut and recal- ibrated to inaccurately record the amount of electricity used. At some point there was a power surge, knocking the power off, and when it came back on, the recalibrated meters simply began to run in reverse. There was no electric shutoff for a unit on

this property, so our procedure was to pull the meter when a resident would not pay the rent. Oklahoma Gas & Electric informed me that we would no longer have that privilege and that

Jack Dinerstein presents Bohan with the 1988 Associate of the Year Award.

Bohan with another Go-Getter Associate of the Year Award

An early undated photo found in the ABODE archives

Bohan is sworn in as Product Service Council president in 1988.

1999 HAF Chili Cookoff Judge

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