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App fans iDog fame Trail-blazing terrier becoming wheelie popular


to go into development. Seven-year-old Geoff , who has a wheelchair



Two nights in the Metro Inn, Ryde

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harness on his hind legs as a result of a spinal injury, lives in Mayfi eld with his two dads, James Heads and his partner Adam Davies Geoff ’s fi rst step towards stardom began with

a blog, written by Mr Davies, called Geoff and His Two Dads. “Long before all of the problems we had with

Geoff , I had been talking with James about the blog concept,” Mr Davies said. “T e idea was to show, by way of little stories

about Geoff , that it was okay for a little dog to have two dads. “T en, after everything happened with Geoff ,

it just kind of took off and the blog is all about Geoff ’s day-to-day life and letting family and friends keep up with what he’s up to.” Geoff ’s problems began around four years

ago when he suddenly stopped walking. “One day, his back legs just gave out for no

reason and, suffi ce to say, there was a great deal of panic,” Mr Davies who, along with Mr Heads, has raised Geoff from a puppy, said. “We rushed him down to Sydney to a surgeon


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and found out that he had a ruptured disc in his spine that had calcifi ed and was pressing on his spinal chord.” With doctors giving Geoff just a 25 per cent

chance of walking again, the only option was the wheelchair harness, which Geoff wasn’t all that fussed about at fi rst. “It was a really long recuperation period,” Mr

Davies said. “I mean, he healed after a couple of months, but he was quite depressed for ages – he really was a diff erent dog. “I’d say it took about 12 months for him


to recover fully and, at fi rst, he didn’t want anything to do with the wheelchair, but he’s gotten used to it now.” After talking about Geoff and His Two Dads

to a friend who is married to Sydney-based app developer Jeff Wannberg, the concept to reinvent the blog as a series of fi ctional Geoff tales was born. “We were talking about the idea to a friend

whose husband was working on another children’s app and she said that he would absolutely love it,” Mr Davies said. “We didn’t really think anything else of it until Jeff got in contact with us and said that he

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really loved the idea. “I didn’t have any stories written at that stage,

just some little thoughts and ideas, so he said that I had better get cracking on writing some stories.” T e fi rst read-along picture book in the series,

is Geoff and His Two Dads in…Tomato Trouble, illustrated by Australian artist Tanya Cooper is currently in production in conjunction with San Francisco-based multimedia artist and developer Victor Andersen.

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t seems as though a one-of-a-kind Jack Russell terrier may be set for superstardom, with a children’s book application for iPad and iPhone highlighting his exploits, about

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