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Young Composers Competition By Andrew Lesser

NJMEA-YCC Committee Member on Saturday, February 25th T

he NJMEA Young Composers Competition recently concluded its fourth successful competition at the NJMEA

Conference held at the Hilton Towers in New Brunswick, NJ. The competition has contin- ued to draw many outstanding New Jersey student composers, submitting compositions in a variety of mediums, including chamber ensembles, full orchestra, vocal ensembles, and solo pieces. Stylistically this year’s submis- sions offered contemporary as well as tradi- tional compositions. This year the competi- tion included a division for Middle School, in addition to a category for solo pieces, both of which will be offered next year as well. The committee was extremely pleased to receive so many submissions that were accompanied

The finalists were recognized at a critique session during the February Conference and presented with official NJ-YCC Finalist cer- tificates. All submissions were evaluated by the composition committee and four finalist com- positions were chosen to be featured in the cri- tique session. The finalists in the High School division were Matthew Liu from Marlboro High School for his piece “Sitting in an Open Field”, Jordyn Gallinek from Summit High School for her piece “Haunted House”, and John Petrie from West Morris Mendham High School for his piece “Island Honeymoon”. Our Middle School finalist was Nicholas McCon- nell from John Witherspoon Middle School for his piece “Evening”. The Grand Prize of the competition was awarded to Matthew Liu for “Sitting in an Open Field”. The critique

Left to Right: Matthew Liu, Marlboro High School - 2011-12 Grand Prize Winner, Nicholas McConnell, John Witherspoon Middle School - Middle School Finalist, Jordyn Gallinek, Summit High School - High School Finalist, John Petrie, West Morris Mendham High School - High School Finalist

Left to Right: Andrew Lesser, NJMEA YCCC Committee, Matthew Liu - 2011-12 Grand Prize Winner, Douglas Laustsen, NJMEA YCCC Committee, Nicholas McConnell - Middle School Finalist, Jordyn Gallinek - High School Finalist, John Petrie - High School Finalist, Jeff Bradbury, NJMEA YCCC Committee, Bob Frampton, NJMEA YCCC Committee Chair

by live recordings of the compositions, many performed by the composers themselves. It is a reflection on the quality of work and the as- sistance and support provided by the music teachers of these students, and they are to be commended for their dedication.

TEMPO 30 MAY 2012 MAY 2012

was led by members of the NJ-YCC Commit- tee, including Bob Frampton, Past-President of NJMEA, Andrew Lesser, Jeff Bradbury, and Doug Laustsen, who each held an interview with the individual composers focusing on their inspirations, compositional techniques,


and future goals in music composition. Con- gratulations to all of our student composers, their teachers, and their families. The current level of participation in the competition demonstrates a significant inter- est in musical composition, and highlights the creative potential of music students through- out New Jersey. Application and submission guidelines for the 2012-2013 competition have been posted on the NJMEA website in addition to the audio files of the 2011-2012 Finalists. Music teachers are encouraged to bring this program to the attention of their students and assist them with the application process. Special thanks to all the committee members, including Bob Frampton, Andrew Lesser, Jeff Bradbury, Doug Laustsen and Pat- rick Burns for their assistance in developing this very successful program. We are looking forward to next year’s competition; submis- sions are due postmarked November 16th


2012. The application and submission guide- lines are located on the NJMEA website under the “Projects” section.


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