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unused blocks of time!” While that may seem to be the case, you’ll be surprised by how much time you free by categorically grouping activi- ties. If you still don’t see any open time for YOU, then look at “repurpos- ing” time that is currently being used for other, ultimately less important, activities. Use this YOU time to do the things that nourish you, be it doing

yoga, taking a long walk, journaling in a coffee shop, or reading a good book. It works best if you have a specific activity planned for each day, to ensure you keep a balance. When Susan first came to me, she had zero time for herself on

Mondays. We did some creative thinking, and she now has more than 2-hours of time for herself! How did we do it? First, when she brings her Mom to physical therapy she has an hour wait. One of Susan’s goals is to exercise more and lose weight, so now, rather than reading boring magazines in the waiting room each Monday, she instead takes a brisk 45-minute walk around a pretty park. She then heads home to grab the kids for soccer practice, during which she has 2 hours free. She used to sit with the other moms while they gossiped, but she now uses that time to go to her favorite coffee shop to journal. You will undoubtedly find that each week there will be exceptional

events that pop up. So, it’s important to have designated weekly planning time to adjust your schedule accordingly, ensuring that you still keep things grouped, and also keep designated YOU time. Sunday or Monday are when most of my clients do this, since organizing action items and projects early in the week helps them start the week with a big picture perspective.

Susan made Friday “date night” with her husband, making sure to really be present and not whittle the time away by complaining or worrying about work. Instead, she enjoys connecting with her husband, rejuvenating their relationship and their zest for life! On Saturday, when her husband brings their sons to practice, Susan has the house to herself. With this quiet time, she journals, putters, and does yoga. It’s a welcome retreat which makes her feel calm and nourished. With her children, she has chosen to make a ritual of reading to them for an hour every evening before bed. This has become a ground- ing way to wind down for all concerned and provides quality time that’s impossible to achieve in the rushing around of the day.

Exercise (your new schedule)

This is where you Exercise trust in the schedule you have created and adhere to it. It will provide structure and boundaries for you and keep you focused and calm. Multitasking is erroneously overrated. Though you may feel productive because you are busy and your tongue is hanging out — you can actually get more of what you really want done with a stable, structured schedule. Your schedule is your key to san- ity! It will help you to create the life you desire and truly fulfill your goals. I have many clients, all unique with very different lives…and all of them have reported a huge benefit and sense of relief after implementing their schedule. I hope you do too! Contact me with feedback about your ex- perience or if you have any questions or need guidance as you go along. I’m here to help!

Tiffany Chion is a Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Avid Gardener, and Cat Lover. If you would like to have a FREE phone consultation with Tiffany, to see if coaching is right for you, call 860-342-8783 or email truewellnesscoach- See ad on page 42.

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